LOGINRADIUS : A complete cloud-based CIAM solution provider

LoginRadius is a leader in the CIAM space. It is essential in the security industry to be up to date and adapt to new developments, and we know it better than anyone. Customer identity is our core business, said Rakesh Soni, Co- Founder and CEO, LoginRadius.

1) Briefly tell about LoginRadius, and its growth?

LoginRadius is a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management solutions. LoginRadius’ platform assists organizations to safely manage customer identities, deliver a unified digital experience, and comply with all major privacy guidelines, for example, GDPR. It is trusted by more than 3,000 organizations’ businesses and secures 1.17B digital identities. The organization has been recognized as a main supplier of CIAM by Gartner, Forrester, Kuppingercole and Computer Weekly. The organization is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with extended workplaces in the US, United Kingdom, Australia and India.  LoginRadius was born in 2012. Our company has grown tremendously. We also announced a $17M Series a Funding led by ForgePoint Capital and Microsoft’s venture fund, M12. As far as funding is concerned, ForgePoint Capital and M12 will join LoginRadius’ Board of Directors. We have relentlessly focused on customer identity while experiencing triple-digit annual growth over the past two years.

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“LoginRadius solutions are deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud servers with spillover to Amazon Web Services. As and when required, our foundation scales to deal with a humongous number of clients and over 150K logins every second”

Rakesh Soni,
Co- Founder and CEO,


2) How LoginRadius is helping companies manage the identity, access and security of their online customers?

LoginRadius furnishes ventures with a complete cloud-based CIAM solution, ensuring a secure and unified login framework performance. With a large portion of our clients growing, LoginRadius recognizes the requirement for a profoundly adaptable and flexible customer identity management platform that can develop with them. LoginRadius has concentrated its efforts on building a robust structure that ceaselessly provide industry-leading accessibility and security for customers with hundreds of millions of users. Serving more than 3,000 organizations and with a month to month reach of 700 million clients around the world, LoginRadius plans to keep up the 100% uptime benchmark to ensure flawless connection and accessibility of identities at all times.

3) What are the USPs of your CIAM platform?

LoginRadius is a leader in the CIAM space. It’s essential in the security industry to be up to date and adapt to new developments, and we know it better than anyone. Customer identity is our core business. LoginRadius began in customer identity, and it’s our main thing. The full focal point of our innovation and business administration is on making present-day client experiences and helping organizations win customers’ trust. LoginRadius infrastructure is global and ready to scale.

LoginRadius solutions are deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud servers with spillover to Amazon Web Services. As and when required, our foundation scales to deal with a humongous number of clients and over 150K logins every second. We have 35 worldwide data storage centres (and counting).

We have in-house customer support. LoginRadius offers customers a devoted help team, comprising of a customer success manager and execution engineer. These are LoginRadius specialists who understand your condition and resolve your issues rapidly. LoginRadius has the best system availability.

LoginRadius is the only CIAM platform available that ensures 100% uptime, contrasted with 99.9% offered by different vendors. While other platforms have too long periods of unscheduled downtime as well as downtime for standard support, LoginRadius is essentially constantly available.

4) What challenges do you face with securing and managing customer’s data?

Today, with a surge in cyber-attacks internationally, Indian ventures have turned out to be mindful of

the harms data leaks can cause. However, India still has a long way to go, particularly as the nation is on the cusp of digital transformation. The test lies in making clients progressively mindful and balancing long haul security with the present term investment. There is tremendous potential, and LoginRadius is keen to be a part of the voyage. We protect customer identity with multilevel security environment via robust industry standards and legal compliances. We have also partnered with Deloitte and Microsoft to deliver the highest level of cloud service security for our clients.

5) How Is LoginRadius helping in the transformation of the digital experience for customers?

With increasing customer experience, expectations and growing cybersecurity threats, enterprises need a modern cloud-based identity platform that can be the foundation for digital transformation and provide peace of mind when it comes to customer identity security. LoginRadius helps businesses achieve that through various avenues. It provides a flexible, cloud-based solution as having the right technology to support your digital initiatives is essential. Besides this, we customize our clients’ digital experiences by gathering customer data through which we can personalize the digital experience for all. Recently, we partnered with Apple to integrate Single-Sign-On (SSO) in their devices to further enhance users’ privacy. The solution allows their customers to create and use a single identity across digital properties. The same identity can be used to log into multiple web and mobile properties so that their customers won’t have to register separately for each. At LoginRadius, constant innovation is our key priority and solving new age challenges faced by businesses concerning customer identity and management.

6) Give some details about your Operations in India and future plans.

Our objective is to expand our research and development (R&D) and business operations group in India by hiring around 250-300 individuals by 2020. We are essentially concentrating on organizations which have shown reception of enterprise cloud technologies and emphasize on client experience and security. We additionally aim to target small scale to mid-size startups that need CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management).

7) How is LoginRadius helping its consumers and business owners prepare for a password-less future?

An authentication method is called password-less when no password is being stored. Instead, the companies’ customers access their site or application through an access code or link that they send to their phone or email. One of the most well-known passwords-less strategies being used today is One Time Password (OTP). A no-password solution means better security and no-bother sign-ins. In a previous couple of years, biometric authentication has become quite prevalent and incorporates Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, Voice Authentication, and Gesture Biometrics.

CIAM programming enables companies to connect their application or site to a 3rd party supplier that their customer uses. Along these lines, customers can also sign-in to their application or site utilizing their current accreditations as opposed to making another password — Eg-Sign In with Apple. Any individual who uses Apple will never need to recall a password when connecting to the integrated 3rd-party apps.

8) What are the challenges of username/password authentication?

Passwords are extremely vulnerable. Some of the common reasons are as follows-

  1. Password complexity is weak- Due to password dictionaries; passwords may meet complexity yet be considered weak.
  2. Passwords aren’t unique- People often reuse passwords, and newly leaked dictionaries contain previously leaked passwords.
  3. Passwords follow patterns- In most cases; the top 100 patterns will crack the majority of passwords in an organization.
  4. Password cracking is easy- With the available hardware sources, it only takes seconds to crack open most passwords.

9) What is your roadmap for 2019?

We have an exceptionally aggressive objective for the Indian market, and we’re going to double headcount in a couple of years. At present, we have 70-80 individuals in India, but by the end of 2020, this number will probably be 250-300. We’re likewise looking at expanding our client base in India since we have seen gigantic development in the market where organizations, as well as the government, are going digital. The most important challenge is to build a good team that has a superior understanding of cybersecurity and a decent specialized methodology in this field, whether it is development, sales or marketing.


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