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LogMeIn’s GoToMeeting Helps Enable Easier Remote Work

LogMeIn updates to its GoToMeeting product with new integrations, including one with Microsoft Teams, updates to the desktop and mobile experience, audio enhancements and overall improvements to ensure business continuity during a time when remote work is at an unprecedented all-time high.

GoTo has also added a new integration with Docebo, a Learning Management Solution (LMS) for businesses. With Docebo and GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining businesses can combine the tools to provide enterprise learning and development experiences with the ease and simplicity of GoTo’s video conferencing, webinar or training platforms. Admins now have the option to enable GoTo products for running training and learning sessions through their LMS.

In addition to the new Microsoft Teams and Docebo integrations, GoToMeeting also now offers plug-ins for Office365 and Google Calendar to ensure a continuous workflow within the platforms our customers are already using. Through these plug-ins, users can easily schedule meetings without leaving their email application.

GoToMeeting Audio Improvements:

With audio quality even more critical today as most businesses turn to remote working, GoToMeeting has updated their platform to ensure high-quality audio connections over both VoIP and phone lines.

  • Noise suppression: With many employees now working remotely, there’s a good chance that distractions like partners, kids and pets may be near meeting participants trying to have video or audio calls. GoToMeeting‘s improved audio technology has now been enhanced to include better filtering of background noise so that meeting participants are able to focus on what the presenter is saying.
  • Better audio even with poor network conditions: To reduce delay and packet loss introduced by errors in data transmission, GoToMeeting has re-designed how desktop and mobile end points connect with audio servers at LogMeIn’s data centers. Using a new and more reliable

transport protocol, the technology adapts to network conditions and optimizes how data is transmitted, resulting in fewer garbled, choppy, or dropped audio moments.

  • New Toll-Free and “Call Me” Options: GoToMeeting is making it easier than ever to connect with colleagues, partners and customers around the Globe with the addition of new toll-free options and new Call-Me countries bringing the total up to nearly 60 countries for toll-free and over 60 countries with Call-Me capabilities. A full list of countries can be found here.

Security and Reliability:

With the surge in remote working, LogMeIn is working to ensure the experience of its video, voice, remote access and remote IT support products are as secure and reliable as possible. GoToMeeting users can rely on LogMeIn’s business continuity plan to ensure all product and operations teams are still fully functional even while working remote. Since the disruption caused by COVID-19, LogMeIn has increased memory and network capacity to avoid any single points of failure within any location and improved our ability to move traffic between centers without changing the regional controls over data residency. Additional GoToMeeting product security capabilities include:

  • Secure Content Sharing: With meetings generating more and more artifacts such as transcriptions and meeting recordings, GoToMeeting has increased the security capabilities for sharing these assets. Within the content sharing and security preferences users can choose what content to share, with whom, and how long to make it available for viewing.
  • Meeting Lock and Password Protected Meetings: As video conferencing becomes a larger part of our daily lives, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of security features to make sure that the right people are in your meetings. With features like meeting lock, you can keep univited guests out of a meeting. With password protected meetings, only those with the code will be able to gain entry, which helps keep your meeting secure from others who may know your personal meeting code.
  • GoToMeeting Security Compliance Features: All tiers of GoToMeeting include security features such as Secure Socket Layer Encryption, AES-256 Bit Encryption, a SOC2 Certified Data Center, Rich Based Authentication and HIPAA readiness.
  • Mobile updates: With the highest iOS and Android customer satisfaction scores in the industry, GoToMeeting’s mobile applications have been updated to make sure customers can connect even when they are not able to access a computer. This includes the addition of CallKit for iOS so users can multitask between applications while on a GoToMeeting call on their iPhone.

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