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Major Retailers Drive Consumer Engagement and Commerce Growth

Salesforce is empowering major retailers to transform shopping across every touchpoint and connect commerce everywhere. Salesforce will host a community of customers and partners exhibiting on the EXPO Floor.

Salesforce provides retailers with a unified platform designed to drive integrated, intelligent and innovative shopping experiences wherever consumers interact with a brand—including mobile, web, social and store.

“The world of retail has become democratized, It’s not just about driving transactions within the physical and virtual four walls, but it’s increasingly about pushing the brand to wherever consumers are shopping. Salesforce allows retailers to be where their consumers are” said Rob Garf, VP of Retail Strategy and Insights at Salesforce.

Salesforce for Retail

Salesforce helps retailers connect to customers in a whole new way. With CRM including marketing, commerce and service, retailers can deliver smart and seamless shopping experiences across every engagement channel..

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