Make in India IoT Solution enabling Home Deliveries 

IoTfy Launches IoT and Multi-Focal UVC Technology to Enable UV Disinfected Home-Deliveries 

Make In India IoT & AI Cloud Suite, IoTfy launches IoT and multi-focal UVC technology that will power food-tech companies, online brands and delivery companies to make the home delivery of food, products, and packages Corona-safe, through IoT-UVC disinfected delivery bags. With the launch of this breakthrough technology, IoTfy envisions powering and supporting online brands to reinstate Safety and Trust among the users, with respect to home-delivery of products.  With SDK and API integration on the mobile app of the online brand or food delivery company, the disinfection process can be started by the end-user before accepting the delivery through the app of the online brand or food delivery company. Using this technology, the delivery agent can also begin the disinfection process while he is on the way to delivering the parcel.

Speaking on the technology, Arpit Chhabra, Co-Founder, IoTfy said, “With UVC proven to safeguard frequently touched and handled surfaces from Coronavirus, IoTfy has built this technology to help reinstate Trust and Safety in the mind of users, who are now largely dependent on online orders for even basics and daily essentials. Integrating this futuristic technology in their delivery bags and overall delivery ecosystem, online brands can not only infection-proof the home-delivered packages during the ongoing pandemic, but also in the future where personal hygiene and wellness will continue to be at the forefront of every one’s lifestyles. The UV Disinfection happening before the eyes of the user upon receiving the package will inspire trust and confidence in online delivery and reinstate the much-needed psychological comfort during such times.”

The multi-focal UVC technology used to disinfect the package in the delivery bags is app-operated and the sterilisation process can be initiated by the end user at the single click of the “Start UV Disinfection” button. It can be used at the end of the delivery partner picking up the online order while it is on its way to be delivered. The process is completely touchless and ensures that deliveries received by the end user are safe.

The UVC tech requires the delivery person to keep their mobile hotspots turned on, for the sterilization process to take place. The hardware being used can be powered by a normal 5V/2A power bank that most delivery partners anyway carry. Typically, a fully charged 10000 mAh power bank can perform sterilization cycles for upto 60 deliveries. The UVC exposure will stop automatically as soon as the bag is opened, to ensure the safety of the handler.

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