Mason Aims To Empower 1,00,000+ Online Businesses With No-Code Technology By 2022


The future is full of innovation potential with no-code and low-code systems. And it is not surprising to see how such no-code tech has emerged as the mainstream to help SMBs & entrepreneurs with an astonishing ability to scale quickly- in a digital omnichannel landscape.

Especially in eCommerce, where business teams are rapidly embracing digital transformation, no-code SaaS platforms have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to succeed without investing in heavy technology & teams.

And 2021 has been a transformative year in this regard. With this vision to make technology more accessible – and more human– for every eCommerce business, co-founders Barada Sahu and Kausambi Manjita started Mason and accelerated the no-code journey for its global community of eCommerce merchants. Apart from big brands, Mason has helped numerous SMBs to run successful online stores without having to spend thousands of dollars on multiple toolkits and skillsets.

Mason is a headless eCommerce toolkit that powers rapid growth for online brands & marketplaces through no-code storefront automation. The platform is trusted by 10,000+ Shopify first as well as other global e-commerce brands and teams across India, the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Notable early adopters for Mason include Skechers, Dunzo, Jack’s Surfboards, Myntra, Swiggy, and more.

The high-growth startup has raised seed funding from Accel Partners (Subrata Mitra), Lightspeed (Dev Khare), Venture Highway (Neeraj Arora) and is currently building a team of passionate makers and future leaders in the eCommerce technology space.

Round-up of major milestones achieved in 2021:

  1. No-code Automations for High Performing Storefront ExperiencesDelivering real-time shopping experiences is pivotal to online success. With this in mind, the team launched no-code ‘automations’ that power store owners to auto-update storefront changes that are in sync with the backend business updates. Some of these powerful automations are now powering more than 200 million orders worldwide every month.
  2. ModeMagic Partner Program: More Global than EverIn the month of July, Mason launched the ModeMagic Partner Program – an initiative for retailers & merchants in India & across the globe to collaborate with the industry’s leading e-commerce agencies experts & technologies. Through this program, Mason collaborated with 50+ global teams to empower DTC brands to run and grow their eCommerce operations.
  3. Launch of The Maker’s List- An Exclusive Club For Founders & MakersMason also works hand in glove with a worldwide community of brand makers to inspire, educate and empower DTC brands to run high-performance storefronts. As a part of the community, Mason launched its first newsletter – Unlock Commerce, that shares actionable insights on the eCommerce industry to help eCommerce teams to run their stores efficiently.
  4. Notable Award Wins: High Quality, Loved By Global Community Of Makers2021 has been a year of major achievements driven by deep relationships developed with the eCommerce community. In the process, Kausambi and her team were awarded as –
  • #1 Product of the day and the Product of the week on Product Hunt
  • Winner of Golden Globee Awards in Startup of the Year Category
  • NASCOMM Emerge 50 Winner
  • Winner of the ‘The Best App User Interface’ award by Shopify Commerce
  • Finalist of Women in IT Awards (Asia) in Innovator of the Year category
  • Top 4 finalists of the coveted Golden Kitty awards from Product Hunt makers community

Mason was also featured in Forbes, Economic Times, Makerpad, CXO Outlook, and many more notable reads.

No-Code eCommerce tech – the future’s brightWithin just 1.5 years of launch, Mason has been able to empower 10,000+ global retailers to automate their storefronts with its no-code headless technology and has seen a whopping 300% increase in their productivity. It envisions powering 100,000+ brands globally by 2022 to run and grow their online business.

No-code technology will bring the next wave of e-commerce, enabling entrepreneurs to go digital omnichannel, single-handedly. The day’s not far when every SMB has Amazon-like storefront infrastructure at their fingertips,” said,  Kausambi Manjita, Co-Founder & CEO at Mason

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