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“Communication is the key” – probably, to a lot of things including the efficient and productive growth at a firm. If managed accurately, it is the dart that can single-handedly target most of the business pain areas. Each time you blink your eye, a crisp development occurs that aims to revolutionize the corporate world. A vital victim of this phenomena is communication – regardless of scale, sector or industry.

The SOHO (Small Office Home Office) industry is observed to be majorly affected by the turmoil of being burdened with keeping up with these technological advancements. Such enterprises depend largely on strong communication, as it is one of the selling factors. The business outlook of a SOHO can be impacted through its communication to the market it survives in. Different markets require different tools for conveyance. It could be a cumbersome job to manually switch between such tools and networks while maintaining methods to keep it low cost and reliable. To rescue the SOHO sphere from these obstacles while complementing it with a disciplined work ambience, Matrix presents ETERNITY NENXIP50 – The Complete IP PBX Solution for a minimal enterprise.

ETERNITY NENXIP50 is a tailor-made IP-PBX for the SOHO market segment. It is a small yet powerful, integration supportive IP-PBX with seamless mobility that provides all business class telephony features to be productive, look professional and enhance customer services.

It is a true convergence of communication technologies with integrated interfaces for FXO (CO),GSM/3G and VOIP networks. ETERNITY NENXIP50 intelligently selects the most cost-effective route to place local, mobile, or long-distance calls and reduces telephony costs.

This exclusive variant of the NENX range, allows customers to access features that are now built-in, along with offering IP users up to 50. If elaborated in 3 easy points, it is:

  1. A software-hardware Solution package equipped with VoIP facilities.
  2. The IP-PBX to give you privacy and control over your workspace conveyance.
  3. The one-stop tool for network management, security and transparency.

Key Features

  • Built-In 50 IP Users and Mobile/Desktop IP Users
  • Built-In VoIP Channels and  4 Channel Voice Mail
  • Built-In 4 CO ports and 2 SLT ports
  • Built-In CTI interface support
  • Built-In SMS Server and Gateway support
  • On-Board IP User Support
  • LDAP Client Support
  • Support of 4G VoLTE ports
  • COSEC Door Integration
  • Auto-Sign-in for Softphones
  • Screen and Application sharing through VARTA WIN200
  • Intuitive and Easy Web GUI
  • Scheduled Backup of Voice messages/recordings


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