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NetRack acquires UL certification for its NRSs Series Seismic Racks

NetRack has acquired the UL certification for its NRSs series product line. NRSs (seismic) Series are ultra-rigid racks for high-density applications in data centers & server rooms, specially designed for the seismic zones.

As per National Building Code 2016 Edition (NBC 2016) considering the operability of essential facilities such as hospitals, airports, emergency response centers, data centers, and buildings vital to national defense, along with the building, Non-Structural Components also should be seismically isolated. Since the racks are the major passive component for hosting IT equipment, it has to be Seismic proof.

DC industry is evolving, and more research and development is being put to bring forth cutting edge DC technology. To keep up with the growing DC demands NetRack ensures that it follows the globally recognized safety and compliance standards to stay on top. UL is a world-recognized leader in product safety testing and certification. UL testing makes sure that all components used meet the necessary criteria, while ensuring that products are constructed correctly for the highest safety.

“Quality and safety standards have been a top priority for NetRack. We have always maintained compliance with globally recognized safety standards. For acquiring UL certification NetRack has agreed to rigorous examination, testing, and follow-up surveillance of our manufacturing process and procedures while maintaining compliance with nationally recognized safety standards. The certification guarantees the safety and reliability of the products and also aids in ensuring brand loyalty and long-term business success,” said Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director, Sales & Support at NetRack

Seismic racks are high-quality rigid racks with robust design for earthquake-prone regions. Now the NRSs series racks are manufactured out of steel sheet, punched, formed, welded and powder coated with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001, Manufacturing & Quality management system has an added advantage of having the highest safety standards of being UL certified. NetRack’s NRSs Series is available in 36RU ~ 47RU variants with 1000 & 1200 depth configurations, 600 & 800 Width configurations. During seismic activity the building will take the major seismic vibration and small frequencies would be passed onto Non Structural Components like racks, these racks should be in position to withstand those minor frequencies. NRSs has various Brazing options to meet the Seismic Zone requirements.

NRSs Series are rigid racks suitable for Severs, Networking, AV, Telecom, Broadcasting, and lab application. NetRack offers a variety of products that deal with the modern concerns of organizations, including cooling arrangements, heat dissipation, cable management, and also effective power consumption. The entire product portfolio can be customized based on customers’ requirements. The product range of NetRack is UL certified, environment-friendly and follows all the international guidelines for product manufacturing.

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