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Neuailes Global appoints JNR Management as its Distributor

The partnership creates a new chapter in Email Security & Visibility

Neuailes Global, a Leading DMARC Service Provider, appoints JNR Management as its Distributor. This was done to empower enterprises in deploying DMARC and be in line with the latest deployments with respect to security & visibility in email authentication. This collaboration will streamline the core communication aspect of email security. The aim of this association is to provide enterprises with the best solutions to secure and streamline their digital assets & communication efforts.

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) solution authenticates email accurately, protects brands, stops phishing attacks, and improves email deliverability. Using DMARC, enterprises gain complete visibility into email authentication status & gaps of SPF & DKIM. DMARC instructs receiving servers on how to deal with emails that use a customers’ domain.

DMARC can help protect against the following:

As email has become more critical than ever for organizations to connect and communicate with their customers, the ecosystem is looking to BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification). BIMI is a new standard that provides a secure, global framework enabling email inboxes to display sender-designated logos for authenticated messages. It allows domain owners to specify a logo that will appear in the inbox, alongside authenticated email messages sent from their domains.

It is an opportunity to increase the wide adoption of email authentication while simultaneously providing senders with a way to provide their customers with a more immersive experience. Email recipients using participating email providers like Gmail will see registered brand logos from BIMI users in their emails.

Beyond benefiting security, adopting BIMI with DMARC can provide an organization’s customers with a more immersive experience in Gmail. By encouraging the deployment of DMARC and promoting its adoption, BIMI benefits the whole email ecosystem to promote strong sender authentication.

Several major brands have already begun adopting BIMI standards and use of VMCs to authenticate their email communications. The BIMI standard requires a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) from an authorized Mark Verifying Authority. The VMC works alongside an organization’s Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocol policy.

A VMC is a new type of digital certificate that proves the authenticity of a logo tied to an email sender’s domain. VMC certificates are a scalable way to ensure that corporate logos are not used fraudulently. Businesses have long sought ways to better identify themselves to customers in emails, and VMC certs for BIMI will enable verified brand marks to be displayed.

BIMI will work only when both the email and the logo are properly validated. The email must be authenticated through the Domain-based Message Authentication, Receiving & Conformance (DMARC) standard with a policy of quarantine or reject; the logo itself will be validated by the VMC.

With the widespread use of VMC, BIMI, and DMARC, brands will be able to amplify their online presence in the inbox through authenticated messages to consumers that are instantly recognizable through known, protected brand marks. JNR already distributes DigiCert SSL, TLS, VMC and with JNR & Neuailes coming together to make customers’ domain eligible for VMC in order to make email communications more secured and effective.

Why VMC:

  • Deliver brand recognition and authenticity to the customer’s inbox.
  • Take control of the brand image that appears on email communications.
  • Have your message stand out in a busy inbox.
  • Significantly increase the number of brand impressions by having your logo alongside every email.
  • Prevent email spoofing with DMARC technology.


Using GoDMARC, Enterprises gain complete visibility into email authentication status & Gaps of SPF & DKIM.

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