Our Cloud Business Revenue has Been Doubling Every Year

Please tell us about Redington India’s presence and resources.

We have Pan-India infrastructure of sales Offices and warehouses. As on date we have …80+..Sales offices and  199+….warehouses.

How have you transformed within the company to cope with the market growth?

By deploying investments and resources in the growth sectors and emerging technologies.

What is the IT distribution market landscape? What is the total size in INR?

This is difficult to estimate since quite a large part of IT distribution business is in the unorganized sector with many channel partners being direct importers.

What is the turnover and growth of Redington India?

We are currently in the silent period and will not be able to comment on this. However, we can confirm that our revenue growth has been in line with our expectations.

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Redington’s Strategy is to Build Strong Capabilities and Skills in Select Technology Practices and Industry Verticals in Partnership with the Leading Technology Vendors.

Ramesh Nataranjan
Joint Chief Operating
Officer, Redington


Could you tell us about your turnover and YoY growth globally?

Since our Global Operations are completely independent of India business and has absolutely no relation to what we do here, the global revenue details may not be of relevance. Sufficient to say that Redington Gulf, which is responsible for MEA & Turkey business, is by far the biggest distributor in that region.

There are new technologies like Cloud, IOT, Big Data & Analytics, Blockchain, AI etc., influencing the market, is Redington India dealing with these products? If yes what is the kind of growth in this segment?

We started investing in Redington Cloud Practice in 2015 and are now acknowledged as the best Distributor from both resources and capability point of view. Our Cloud business revenue has been doubling every year.

IoT, Big Data & Analytics, BlockChain, AI etc. are still in the nascent stage, but these technologies are being incorporated rapidly into mainstream IT solutions. Redington’s strategy is to build strong capabilities and skills in select technology practices and industry verticals in partnership with the leading technology vendors.

What is your channel strategy?

Redington’s strategy is very simple and transparent. Whatever we do must add to helping our channel partners in their own business endeavours and enable them leverage on our capabilities, infrastructure and skills to offer new-age solutions to their own customers. Redington has always been, is and will remain a completely channel focused organization. We have always been in-step with our channel partners over all these years as the technology landscape has undergone several changes and take great pride in the fact that we have been a part, however small, of the growth journey of innumerable channels partners.

How do you maintain a competitive advantage over Ingram Micro, Tech Data, HCL Info, Compuage, etc.?

By ensuring that we remain totally relevant to our vendors and our channel partners.

By investing in skills and resources ahead of time, as we have done all these years. We had been the first Distributor to embark on the VAD journey and also the first distributor in India to invest in Cloud Practice.

What is your policy towards partner credit line?

There is no one-policy-fits-all answer to this questions. Partner credit remains the single most important value-add that any distributor can offer to the channel fraternity. This has multiple nuances and over the years has developed into a combination of art & science. We look upon our credit offerings as the most important business enabler for any deserving partner, who count in many thousands.

What value added services are you offering to the partners, because these days most of the mainstream distributors are turning VADs.

We offer a range of Service Offerings, cutting across technology platforms, staring from Partner Enablement & Training and going on to Pre-sales, Consulting, Implementation, Migration and Managed Services.

Please provide a graph of your product growth over the years.

Our product portfolio matured many years ago and we no longer look to just adding vendors. We carry almost all the most important and relevant technology brands.

What is your total product mix? Also tell us about your brand associations in India.

  • The number of brands that we associate with are far too many to list here.
  • Our product mix includes PC, Print, Accessories, Server, Storage, Networking, Software, Security, Cloud, Smart Phones, Digital Publishing Solution, 3D Print Solutions and Health & Medical equipment.

What is your product roadmap for 2019?

We are looking to add specific, niche technology vendors whose solutions will help us address the Emerging Technology requirements of our partners.

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