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PCAIT Successfully Resolves a Dispute worth Rs. 13 Crore Between Partner and AOC

Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT

Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology (PCAIT, India) has shared the news of a successful dispute resolution amounting to about 13 crore rupees between TPV Technology Limited, which owns the AOC brand and its channel partners. Keeping in mind the commitment to providing a speedy resolution of the dispute between AOC and partners, PCAIT resolved the conflict by exercising proper teamwork in three months.

This was a long pending issue of backend committed by Ex AOC staff and partners and partners were suffering because of this. These backends were accumulating from last many years and the person in charge of the region from AOC was delaying. It has been brought to PCAIT’s knowledge that about 30 partners (including Members and Non-members of PCAIT) were contacted for the issue of non-payment by many partners. It was a tough task to resolve as a lot of billing at many levels ( T1 to T5) was involved and the backend was committed at almost every stage.

PCAIT dispute settlement committee for this issue included President- Alok Gupta, General Secretary- Saket Kapur, Vice President- Sewak Nautiyal, EC member- Ajay Kumar, and Life member – Somesh Narang.  A meeting was called at the PCAIT president’s office with the AOC team, where Atul Jasra along with his team joined and showed his keenness to resolve the issue. It was difficult to compile the actual amount of each partner as there were claims of many stages for the same product. All partners have been asked to submit the details of their billings and payments. It took almost 40 days to compile the data and conclude the final amount of each partner. A meeting was called with partners to discuss the gaps in their compiled data and all of them agreed to correct them quickly. AOC took around 40 days to recheck and finalize the amount of each partner. Partners are now getting the credit notes via Tier 1 partners, Rashi Peripheral and Compuage.

The dispute between AOC and its channel partners is one of the biggest disputes not only in terms of amount but also in w.r.t number of channel partners involved.

PCAIT has expressed its gratitude, especially towards Atul Jasra who cooperated and helped us amicably by issuing the right credit notes to partners…

PCAIT has emerged not just as an IT association but a force to be reckoned with in the IT industry over the last 15 years.

Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT, said that Resolving the whole conflict was not a piece of cake, however, with due effort and proper teamwork, we were able to resolve the conflict successfully. It was complete teamwork where the PCAIT dispute settlement committee properly got involved with the partners to listen to their part.

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