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Pine Labs opens its in-store payment APIs to developers

Pine Labs has announced the opening of application program interface (API) of its Android-based in-store payment platform to developers. Developers can use the APIs to build value-added solutions and applications for merchants and small and medium businesses (SMBs).  The Android based in-store payment APIs will be housed on the Pine Labs Developer portal, a destination for developers from across the world and especially those in India and other Asian markets. The company also announced that there will a dedicated application store to house developers’ apps. Pine Labs will support the distribution of the apps to the merchant community.

Pine Labs’ in-store Android APIs are easy to integrate and offer wide range of options for developers who work in the areas of online and offline payments, customer feedback capture, travel and ticketing, ride sharing, and food and e-commerce delivery. The APIs will help developers build customizable, customer-focused solutions, quickly.

Pine Labs had announced the opening of the online payment (payment gateway) APIs in May 2019. The online payment APIs can accept payments through multiple payment modes including credit and debit cards, net banking, bank or brand EMI, wallets and many more. It is a simple and flexible option for internet commerce. Together, the in-store payment Android APIs and online payment APIs will help millions of developers to move fast to create and monetize their fintech app.

Developers benefit by using Pine Labs open APIs in many ways:

  • Plumb-and-play API architecture for rapid application development
  • Seamless payment integration and one-stop payment acceptance solution for all merchants
  • Use omni-channel payment solution
  • Build for both mobile and web platforms
  • Build customizable customer focussed value added solutions
  • Avail of a testing sandbox

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