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Pioneering Smart Corporate Display Solutions by BenQ

BenQ announced its powerful array of new corporate display products and solutions at InfoComm India 2019. As part of its ongoing efforts to become one-stop display solutions to make businesses visible, BenQ introduced the system-embedded Smart Projectors for business, DuoBoard corporate interactive flat panel and the world’s first Pantone validated Digital Signage SL6502K, to meet the multiple needs of changing workstyles for better teamwork efficiency, col laborative and productivity.

Smart Projectors for Instant Wireless Presentation

The newly launched Smart Projectors feature a powerful built-in operating system with useful business apps, enabling wireless mirroring across multiple platforms, video conferencing, collaboration, and direct reading of files from USB drives to maximize meeting efficiency in theBYOD trend.

DuoBoard Corporate Interactive Flat Panel for Extended Collaborations

The new generation of 4K DuoBoard corporate interactive flat panel (CP6501K/CP8601K) is designed to unleash the infinite possibilities for interactive meetings with its best-in-class tools. The Duo Windows function facilitates efficient multitasking by enabling users to open two applications simultaneously, while Duo OS achieves cross-platform compatibility between Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows OS, for more collaboration.

Delivers Professional Color Performance for Retail and Design Applications

Featuring 4K2K UHD clarity, Smart Signage Series 65” SL6502K, the world’s first Pantone validated digital signage, assuring on-screen color fidelity and matched interoperability with Pantone-qualified color production devices. SL6502K delivers professional color performance to fulfill the absolute precision and consistency from design to in-store deployment and broadcast via digital signage for retailers, fashion trendsetters, product brands and design studios who trust the Pantone system to deliver accurate color production.

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