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Polycom Trio 8500, Smart Conferencing Solution for All Business Meetings

Powered with legendary Audio, Video conferencing and easy content sharing features

The closed technology ecosystem of phones, emails, chat, and shared sites is a thing of the past, and has been replaced by a growing number of open platforms that foster easier communication and collaboration within organizations. The employees today prefer a collaborative work culture which helps them to get the work done at any time, effortlessly.

Technology-enabled huddle rooms have developed as one of the most sought after technologies which satisfy the need for real-time, productive collaboration. Development and deployment of video conferencing platforms/solutions is now a crucial component of every organization. There are numerous smart conferencing tools available in the market today which enable remote teams to come together to meet the requirements of the organizations, proving distance is no longer a barrier.

Coupled with this, there is also a growth in the number of start-ups and SMBs in India – these organizations are looking for technologies that make their business more efficient, reputable and profitable.

The rise in digital workforce and trend of remote working, globalization and growth in SMBs looking for solutions that increase their efficiency and business all mean that modern businesses rely heavily on conference calls to hold virtual meetings. To do this effectively, organizations need something a bit more sophisticated than a simple speaker phone.

Polycom meets the above requirements and the company’s revolutionary RealPresenceTrio can be used for both voice and video calling; it is easy to use and effective as well as stylish enough to grace the boardroom.

Polycom Trio 8500 guarantees next-gen video conferencing quality. This exemplary device enables you to start calls on time, with the same interface as on Skype; Polycom’s legendary voice quality makes sure every syllable you speak or hear is crystal clear with Polycom® HD Voice™ technology. A device like Trio 8500 enables the organization not only to cut down on travel costs but also enables to carry out meetings across borders on real-time basis effortlessly. The sleek and sophisticated design of the Trio 8500 makes navigation simpler than ever. Polycom Trio boasts of an impeccable feature that makes the users share data with a touch of a button further complimenting the agility of workers/users.

Salient Features:

Legendary Voice Quality:

Polycom Trio 8500 is equipped with the advanced sound quality including HD Voice and Polycom® Acoustic Clarity™ technologies which combines industry-leading full duplex, echo cancellation, and noise reduction with advanced voice processing. With 14ft/4.3m of pick up, it is ideal for the midsize conference room.

To ensure an uninterrupted experience, Polycom’s patented Noise-Block technology automatically detects non-speech noise and mutes the microphones. They automatically unmute when speech is detected, allowing conferences to move seamlessly.

Future-proof for video and content sharing:

Polycom Trio 8500 proves to be a cost-effective business-class video conferencing and content sharing solution ideal for huddle rooms, its incredible adaptability allows one to use it as a conference phone or simply use the Polycom Trio Visual+ with a qualified USB camera.

Personal devices—wired or wirelessly can also be added to Polycom Trio via USB or Bluetooth for full, rich sound when using cloud conferencing or VaaS solutions.

Skype for Business/Office 365 certified:

Working together with Microsoft, the Polycom Trio 8500 has been designed to maximize the power of Skype for Business and Office 365. Only Polycom Trio conference phones can claim the Skype for Business certified distinction. Extend the simplicity of Skype for Business from the desktop to the conference room—making it a consistent experience and ensuring broad user adoption.

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