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Prama Hikvision’s Smart Healthcare Solutions with AI to Ensure Security

Healthcare facilities like Hospitals, Special Healthcare Centers and Clinics have myriad and specialized protection requirements. What’s more, they require security, safety and hygienic environment for the patients, doctors, nurses and paramedic staff. Hospital and healthcare authorities should consider a smart healthcare solution to address various security, safety and hygiene challenges effectively.

Specific Requirements: Hospitals and health care facilities are designed to be places of healing, recovery, and tranquillity. However, with high volumes of people constantly coming and going – visitors, volunteers, patients, and others – maintaining smooth operations and responding quickly to emergency events are becoming more challenging. Furthermore, recording the activities of hospital personnel, securing limited access areas, and keeping parking lots operating efficiently require intelligent technology. Some of the most common requirements for a hospital solution might include, ensuring around-the-clock safety for patients and staffs, quickly evaluating incidents for prompt event response, effectively managing access control and attendance for critical and restricted areas and centralizing operations for all the various systems.

Smart Healthcare Solution: Prama Hikvision’s Solution for Healthcare Facilities helps to answer to all of these concerns and more with its advanced technology, powerful cameras, and reliable recording devices. Everywhere from guard stations to intensive care units, Hikvision products powerfully assist and protect healthcare facilities and personnel, making both security and management for hospitals easier and more intelligent.

Temperature Screening and Face Mask Wearing Alert: In the ongoing pandemic crisis, innovative products and solutions like Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras, Temperature Measurement Walk-Through Detector and MinMoe Face Recognition Terminal with Temperature Screening and Face Mask Wearing Alert, are helpful to manage large number of hospital staff, visitors, patients and doctors. Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution, with multiple product types and wide range of applications, is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios. These include Thermographic Cameras, MinMoe Terminals, Metal Detector Door, DeepinMind NVRs and Smart Onboard Terminals.

A complete hospital solution requires the synergy of a number of systems – video security, panic alarm, and access control systems, to name a few. Hikvision offers advanced and comprehensive solutions that fluidly integrate all the moving parts, making setup and daily operations much easier for your unique conditions.  The solutions include following activities and requirements, reception to patient calling, Internal Calling System, Doctor Monitoring, Paging in clinic, 2nd Generation IP Video Intercom Solution, IP VDP Intercom Clinic Kit and Analog Video Intercom Solution.

Prama Hikvision’s Smart Healthcare Security Solution covers Nurse Station to Patient Areas and other critical parts of the hospital.

Command and Control Room: It offers powerful and unified security management to ensure quick response to alarms with advanced alarm management function. It effectively helps to manage access control systems, including assigning permissions, managing user groups, and more. It also offers an intuitive dashboard showing the status of devices. It further helps to set up automatic health inspections and receive notifications of errors.

Parking Lots: The parking solution helps efficient vehicle access management by reducing the labor costs with automatic vehicle entry by ANPR camera. It helps to manage the vehicle flow and entry / exit records efficiently. It enables comprehensive monitoring for the entire parking lot with clear video both day and night.

Entrance Monitoring: It helps clear monitoring at all time by capturing sharp imaging at entrances even in high contrast conditions with WDR cameras. It uses people counting technology to record numbers of visitors for capacity control and optimized security.

Lobbies and Nurse Stations: It helps to enable emergency response to sudden events. The solution helps to detect and respond quickly to events, such as a patient falling, with intelligent cameras. It helps to efficiently display hospital floor map or health-related public announcement with digital signage. Clearly record all work and interaction at reception or nurse stations.

Pharmacies: All-around protection with multiple systems helps to keep Pharmacies safe and secure. Strict and controlled access with face recognition terminals to ensure that only authorized persons can enter the premises. The solution keeps Video Log of all entry and exit records of the visitors. It monitors the indoor temperature and send alarm notifications if any temperature anomaly is found.

Doctor’s Offices: The solution has compact video security cameras for routine monitoring. They record the daily work of doctors in case any medical arbitration is required. These cameras monitor offices during off-hours to ensure the safety of all information such as patients’ clinical records or other medical information.

Patient Areas: Thoughtful and efficient care is ensured by the CCTV monitoring of patient areas. The patients are provided a panic button to call for help in case of emergency. They can communicate easily with audio intercom (public broadcasting also available)

Corridors: Effective monitoring of all areas enhances healthcare security. It offers full view of the corridor without losing any detail with the specially-designed corridor monitoring mode (3:4 frame ratio).  It helps to utilize intelligent cameras to monitor sudden events, enabling quick responses.These solutions are available in two categories of Healthcare facilities: Hospital Solutions and Clinic Solutions.

Safety and Hygiene through Prama Hikvision Intercom (VDP) Solution: This solution can be used for Doctor to patient as an intercom (VDP) Solution. Further, it can be used for reception desk for patients. It can be used to effectively communicate between Nurse, Doctor and Patient in the Hospital.

DS-KD9613 is FRS unit, which is having FACE+BIOMETRIC+CARD access. Visitors either call to reception or patient room. After the visiting hours visitors can contact patients. It can help to maintain Social Distance in Hospitals and Health Centres. Doctors, Nurses and other regular paramedical staff of the hospital can directly use facial recognition terminals for their touch free entry and attendance in the hospital.

EZVIZ Solutions for Healthcare: EZVIZ Camera can be installed in the isolation ward of each patient using Wi-Fi, Install EZVIZ app on the Doctor/ Hospital mobile/ Laptop, add all cameras on the app with name of the cameras as patient name/ id. One can monitor patient remotely from anywhere whenever possible using mobile app.  It can help to monitor the patient from Laptop/ computer also using EZVIZ studio, communicate with patient while using 2 way communication and enquire about his well-being.

The EZVIZ advantages include, Wi-Fi Connectivity on the go and wire free, it is very easy to install, it can be fitted on a table top or ceiling mounted according to requirement. Live View- EZVIZ cameras help to communicate with patients from Mobile or Laptop. Two way talk- it helps to communicate with patient any convenient time without contact. In the times like these, physical verification of patients time and again increases risk for healthcare workers. It helps to monitor patients remotely from laptop/ Mobile without meeting them physically at your own convenient time.

Healthcare professionals are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. However, healthcare professionals are in contact with the infected patients all the time and are at the risk of contracting it themselves. To overcome the challenges healthcare professionals should use the solution of two way talk through the EZVIZ camera, watching the patients while they are away. This solution can safeguard them from getting in contact with infected patients multiple times in a day. It can help to avoid the contact with potential patients, who come for diagnosis and testing. It can help to communicate with infected patients who are quarantined at home or remote locations. It can help in keeping a tab on a large number of patients without going on multiple rounds in the medical premises. It can also help to avoid being in physical contact with other health workers.

Key Advantages: The key advantages include, property and personnel safety for all patients and staff, intelligent functions to help improve service and operations, effective, accurate access control for key areas like pharmacies and more and efficient and reliable device integration and management.

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