Printronix Auto ID announces its Popular ODV-2D Barcode Printer

Printronix Auto ID, brings its popular ODV-2D Printer/Barcode Verification solution with three major upgrades.

Combining Verification and Validation

The ODV-2D is the only product available that can verify and validate barcodes as they are printed. For added accuracy, data printed on the label is validated to match the data sent from the host and the barcode image is verified based on ISO standards. This is the only integrated solution on the marketing that prints, verifies AND validates barcodes. This upgrade comes standard with the new release and can be added, at no cost, to existing ODV-2D printers.

Field Kit

Printronix is now offering a Field Kit that allows companies to transform their existing T8000 printers into an ODV-2D solution. The ODV-2D prints labels, validates and verifies the content, overstrikes labels with rejected barcodes and reprints new labels. Additionally, it can provide detailed grading reports for every barcode printed and then be exported to a standard database file. Field Kits can be installed on any T8000 (4inch) printer by an ODV-2D Certified Partner.

New Reporting Options

Printronix has expanded its compatibility with third-party applications to capture ODV grading reports, enabling a full closed-loop barcode printing solution. This option allows companies that already use a third-party application to easily integrate ODV-2D reporting into their existing process. However, the third-party applications are not required; companies can continue to use the Auto ID Data Manager, one of the many applications within Printronix PrintNet Enterprise software suite, to capture detailed reports of every grade and barcode printed.With the introduction of the integrated ODV-2D, Printronix has eliminated the need for companies to piece together their own solution from separate printers and scanners.

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