RAEGR launches USB-C hubs ‘RapidLink 1250’ and ‘RapidLink 1550’ for iPads, MacBooks, and Smartphones

Bengaluru-based homegrown consumer lifestyle technology brand RAEGR is excited to announce two new accessories for Apple iPad Pro, MacBook, and compatible Android smartphones. The RapidLink 1250 is a highly portable USB Type-C hub that caters to Apple’s iPad Pro, MacBook, and Android smartphones, while the RapidLink 1550 is compatible with the MacBook Air and Pro series. The USB-C hubs help extend simultaneous connectivity options for multiple devices such as mice, keyboards, pen drives, flashcards, headphones, monitors, and projectors.

RAEGR MD Ajesh George commented on the new launch stating, “Working from home, office or outdoors needs multiple gadgets to be interconnected. Most laptops, tablets, and smartphones today now sport the universal USB Type-C port. USB-C being powerful and highly versatile can do anything from connecting a simple mouse to 5K monitors and also power the device up to 100 Watts simultaneously. RAEGR’s RapidLink USB-C Hubs can help you connect a plethora of devices without the requirement of buying multiple dongles. The 1250 is best used for laptops, iPads, and smartphones, while the 1550 is a workhorse for the MacBook Air and Pro.”

RAEGR presents RapidLink 1250 and 1550 – two powerful USB-C hubs to help ease out your device connectivity issues. When your smartphone, iPad, or Laptop features just a USB-C port, connecting any device such as a mouse, headphone, pen drive, or monitor is impossible without a dongle/convertor. And having to simultaneously connect multiple devices to that single USB-C port is just impossible without a USB-C hub or dock. RAEGR’s RapidLink 1250 and 1550 caters to those who need simultaneous multiple device connectivity for convenience and productivity.

The RAEGR RapidLink 1250 (4-in-1) is built for smartphones, tablets, and laptops that feature USB-C. It has a small form factor and attaches to the device directly via its USB-C port. It is built using an aerospace-grade light-weight aluminum body for a premium look and sturdy fit while ensuring all the important I/O ports needed for a workstation. A USB 3.0 Type-A port that allows you to connect high-speed storage drives, an audio jack for headphones, microphones, and speakers, and an HDMI port for your monitor or projector – it’s all there. It also sports a PD 3.0 port so you can keep your device connected to the charger while still using the hub for other peripherals. Additionally, there’s a magnetic silicone pad specially bundled along for the iPad Pro which allows the dock to magnetically attach to the iPad to have a firm connection and reduce the chances of disconnection.

The RAEGR RapidLink 1550 (7-in-2) is similar to the 1250, but has additional ports featuring dual ThunderBolt 3 USB-C ports for the Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for connectivity. Built using an aerospace-grade aluminum body and sporting a premium finish, the 1550 is a versatile USB-C dock for MacBook owners. It sports USB 3.0 Type-A ports for high-speed external storage drives, individual slots for Micro SD and SD cards, a ThunderBolt 3 port for up to 5K displays, a Power Delivery (PD) port for in-line charging, and an HDMI port for up to 4K 60Hz displays and projectors.

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