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ServiceNow collaborates with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge

ServiceNow piloted The ServiceNow Academic Program. ServiceNow partnered with TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge) for launch of the program in Telangana.

The program was designed to ensure that the new graduates have skills that industry demands; the Academic Program provides guaranteed job prospects to engineering students, in alliance with academic partners and leading Information Technology (IT) Companies.  The program culminated in a job fair last week where 264 job offers were made to 248 certified students.

Rao Surapaneni, Vice President of Engineering, ServiceNow said, “We are thrilled to launch the ServiceNow Academic Program and support next generation of technology talent. This initiative is in line with the Government’s ‘Skill India’ program, aimed at improving skills of 40 crore people by 2022. We are pleased to partner with TASK team and deliver outstanding ServiceNow certified application developers. Collaboration with our academic partners, solutions partners and customers made it possible to accomplish great results for the students. We’re committed to providing today’s students with skills that will prepare them for a successful career in India’s thriving technology sector.”

Sujiv Nair, CEO, TASK said, “Thanks to the ServiceNow Academic Program pilot, the state of Telangana is now equipped with ‘trained & certified’ faculty and fresh engineering graduates as ‘ServiceNow application developers’ and are excited to extend the reach of this program to many more colleges in the near future.”

Narsimha M, Executive VP, Infosys said, “At Infosys, our continued focus is to transform service experience and increase efficiency for our clients, through enhanced automation and AI capabilities. Infosys has partnered with ServiceNow to simplify processes, redefine user experience, and make IT & business functions more efficient. This partnership is in line with our efforts to scale globally to meet market demands. Infosys has also partnered with ServiceNow in its Academic Program, which is a unique opportunity for graduate engineers to be part of the enterprise transformation experience.”

Under the Academic Program, ServiceNow levels up students with knowledge and experience in cutting-edge technology, to help set them up for a successful career with some of India’s leading technology companies.

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