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SPARSH VP510E – The Sturdy and Sleek Premium Business IP Phone

If “Smart” was a collaborative communication solution product, “SPARSH VP510E” is how it would have been spelt.

A blend between state-of-the-art technologies and sleek office adaptive design is what chisels this IP phone, brought to you by Matrix Comsec.

So set the standards of work accordance at your organization with this technological excellence in the enterprise conveyance category.

It brings to your office doorstep, the exact blend of smooth interface for simplified staff communication while maintaining the corporate security and aesthetic at any modern workspace with its management features and resilient design architecture.

Its exceptional benefits are inclusive of:

Key Features

  • 240*64 Pixels Graphical LCD with Backlit
  • 4 Context Sensitive Keys
  • Polyphonic Ring tune
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Built-in 16 DSS Keys for Feature, Line, and Extension
  • Fixed Function Keys (with LED) –
  • Voice Mail, Mute, Do Not Disturb, Headset and Speaker
  • Message Wait and Ringer Lamp
  • Adjustable Desk-Stand
  • Multi-lingual Sleek Display
  • High-Quality Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Headset Interface – 3.5mm, RJ9

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