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Synechron and RavenPack partner to give buy-side firms access to advanced analytics within ESG Booster

Synechron and RavenPack have partnered to provide augmented data analytics capabilities that are built into two of the new InvestTech Accelerator solutions that Synechron launched this past October to address the needs of buy-side asset management and wealth management firms. These Accelerator solutions include: ESG Booster which performs ESG analysis, and 360+ which provides an individualized 360-degree view of each customer. This new, enhanced data analytics capability will enable investment professionals to make more informed decisions by incorporating the effects of public information into their models and workflows.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is increasingly subject to investor scrutiny. However, the absence of well-defined norms and the slow pace of updates to company ratings make it difficult for the buy-side to make informed and timely decisions. Synechron’s ESG Booster was launched to evaluate and normalize current ESG performance through portfolio-level analysis against custom ESG metrics. This expanded offering will provide ESG-focused discretionary investors with ‘nowcasting’ for a clearer, more continuous, and more encompassing vantage point. Through this new partnership, ESG Booster will now access news sentiment data, and media attention scores produced by RavenPack from over 254,000 global sources of premium news, regulatory and press wires, and thousands of online publications.

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