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Synersoft Technology celebrates 15th Anniversary

Vishal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, Synersoft Technologies

Synersoft Technology is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a cybersecurity product and service provider for Indian MSMEs. Founded in 2008, with the goal of creating a data prevention and cyber security solution for Indian SMEs that would disrupt the SME-IT business, the company was started with 6 people. It has now grown into a 200-strong organisation.

In 2008, Vishal Shah was named CEO, and in 2009, they launched their first cloud-based product, which failed to find a buyer due to slow internet and a low perceived value of the software. However, in 2010, they developed a hardware prototype that had the potential to serve multiple functions on a single hardware resource. In SMEL-IT, this is a game changer. In 2011 their technology was designated by the department of science and technology as a mass impact technology, and they are partners in the India innovation growth program.

The government of India awarded them the global madal and a cash prize. They improved the product so that it could be sold. It was for this minimal viable product that they received their first MSME customer. BLACKbox was the product’s name. They surpassed the milestone of 2000 deployments with the Scaleup Investment. They improved the features and started a six-monthly price increase trend. They were the Indian High Commission’s TechX change Cohort Awardee. Synersoft received the Top 100 MSME honor and recognition in 2011 from the Honorable Union Minister and Honorable Minister of State – MSME Ministry, out of over 37,000 nominated MSMEs.

Vishal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of synersoft technologies said “We thank the entire MSME fraternity for accepting and supporting us as an Indian Company providing World Class Indian Product in the storage and data security industry dominated by foreign companies.”

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