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Synology Showcases Data Management Solutions at VAM Summit 2024

Russell Chen
Russell Chen, Synology Country Manager for the SAARC region at the Synology stall @ VAM Summit 2024

Synology demonstrated comprehensive data protection solutions – Active Backup Suite and Snapshot Replication – including prevention, data backup, and recovery processes at the VAM Summit 2024

Synology displayed its complete lineup of data management and protection solutions designed for the Visual effect(VFX), media and entertainment sector in India at the VFX and More Summit (VAM Summit) from May 2nd to 3rd, 2024, held at the NESCO Exhibition Centre in Goregaon.

Targeted at directors, VFX supervisors, cinematographers, and professionals in visual effects, Synology storage solutions envision a boundless realm for content creators, merging human creativity with technological innovation.

“Synology has witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue share from the media and entertainment sector, rising from 10% to an impressive 15%-20% of our regional revenue.”

Russell Chen, Synology Country Manager for the SAARC region

Russell Chen, Synology Country Manager for the SAARC region, said, “As the media and entertainment industries continue to flourish and evolve, the escalating demands for large-volume data management, secure storage, and comprehensive solutions enabling seamless sharing with external partners are becoming more pronounced. Additionally, there is a growing need for multi-site collaboration, with multiple Synology NAS systems being deployed to streamline the creative process between different branches or departments.” He added, “Over the past three years in India, Synology has witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue share from the media and entertainment sector, rising from 10% to an impressive 15%-20% of our regional revenue. This substantial growth underscores our success in meeting the evolving needs of the VFX, media, and entertainment industries.”

 In its client list, Synology boasts of big media brands such as BBC Media Action in the UK and RUN Studio in the US. The company delivers precise, tailored, global-scale solutions to bolster the creative workflows within the media and entertainment industry. Moreover, the company has cultivated strong partnerships with its media and entertainment clients, including those in India.

In India, Synology collaborates with acclaimed photography professionals and the prestigious Pixel Village Academy in Pune. This academy harnesses Synology storage solutions for content creation, collaboration, and future-proofing data protection. Furthermore, it imparts essential knowledge to its photography students regarding the significance of data ownership and the necessity of asset backups. Conversely, an esteemed Bangalore-based animation studio that played a pivotal role in the beloved LEGO movie production uses Synology as its primary storage solution provider. Synology ensures the on-demand provision of reliable and scalable data to fuel the studio’s creative animation endeavors.

To serve these illustrious customers effectively, Synology offers tailor-made storage management solutions, addressing their unique requirements and empowering them to transcend data limitations, ultimately unleashing their creativity.

In response to the surging demand for data storage and protection, Synology has recently introduced its flagship model – the High-density HD6500 in India. With the capacity to deliver up to 4.8 Petabytes of storage, this model serves as both a central repository for files and a backup solution for large enterprise organizations with extensive data needs. Particularly, well-suited for data volume-intensive industries such as media, entertainment, and VFX, the HD6500 offers higher storage capabilities.

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