Synoptiq Infosolutions: Positions to be a Partner against Security Challenges 

After founding a cyber-security focused company Technosprout Systems and growing it to a leading partner in the PIM/PAM, MFA and Cloud Security space, Rajeev Mamidanna has now set his sights on providing the most critical solutions to companies in the productivity, email and domain security arena.

He has founded Synoptiq Infosolutions at the end of 2019. And during the last 6 months, through the lockdown, Synoptiq has been helping customers fight the battle of monitoring WFH staff and providing solutions to mitigate external attackers.

Synoptiq works on the following solutions that are very relevant in today’s scenario for every CIO/CTO/CISO/CRO. 

Solution Key points
Security Posture and Attack simulation to find out Po and P1 Business critical vulnerabilities Pay only if we identify vulnerabilities. This is NOT A VAPT. This is the closest that you can come to a real-life attack. This determines the state of your security.
Security Risk Monitor Reports for the CISO CISO Reports that constantly let you know of the posture of your external facing vendors vis-à-vis your infrastructure
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) With the world moving to a much more Digital mode of communication, email deliverability and the ability to avoid anyone from spoofing your domain are a must.
Anti-phishing at the Human level Humans are the last firewall. Hence, solutions that let in phishing messages into your system can still be identified and stopped with training to your employees and getting them to report.
Productivity Monitoring Solutions Ascertain, evaluate and analyse the productivity of all employees and have a dashboard to understand employees posing potential risk.
RPA enabled automation solutions for whole Processes From boring and time-consuming processes to fully automated processes, organizations can now work remotely in a much more efficient way.
Business Continuity and Data Protection Backup is the new Anti-ransomware protection. And automation of migrating whole sites to disaster recovery sites is something that every organization is evaluating to fine-tune for exigencies.
Endpoint and Server-security solutions Solutions that give a single dashboard to manage network and perimeter security, endpoints and cloud workloads.


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