Take Control of Your Wi-Fi Network

Companies should be able to build and manage powerful Wi-Fi networks with no licensing fees or controller costs

With the internet becoming the backbone of every organization, companies are increasingly investing in more powerful, high performance networking equipment. Enterprise networking gives you more control of your Wi-Fi with faster speeds, improved security, and a host of other features like bandwidth allocation, load balancing, and easy remote management. However, most enterprise networking setups come with high costs and licensing fees which can put significant strain on a company’s finances. Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) often find it difficult to take advantage of enterprise networking due to this prohibitive cost. Ubiquiti’s entry into the market has changed this.

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Managed Wi-Fi solutions let you enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade networking without paying these high costs. In fact, Ubiquiti does not charge any licensing fees and also provides a free software controller which lets you manage your network from anywhere at any time.

We looked at some of the key benefits an enterprise network can bring to your company:

Faster Speeds and Higher Throughput

Enterprise access points have 2×2 MIMO technology, which means they have multiple antennas for simultaneous data streams between the AP and client devices. This is especially useful when an AP is supporting multiple client devices and you want to ensure fast, reliable, Wi-Fi for each client. Some more advanced, high-density devices have 4×4 MU-MIMO offering even better connectivity in settings with many users. One such device is UniFi’s FlexHD access point which is a sleek, cylindrical AP and supports a number of indoor and outdoor mounting options.

Advanced Security

Network firewalls are important as they monitor, control, and track network traffic. When configured on WAN boundaries, firewalls protect against malicious or undesirable traffic. An enterprise network should let you define advanced firewall policies for your network with ease. These solutions should also support other security features like Deep Packet Inspection, Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems, and GEOIP filtering.

Remote Management

Managing your network should be easy. If a company needs to add networks, change policies, or troubleshoot, an IT engineer should be able to do it from the convenience of a computer screen or mobile app. This becomes especially important when a company has multiple office locations stretched all over the country. More importantly, managing your network should be free and not be tied to annual licensing costs based on the number of devices or locations that need to be managed. UniFi is one solution that has a powerful network controller which is free and lets you manage an unlimited number of devices, users, and sites. Ubiquiti has opened up the controller to a free demo for anyone who wants to try it out.

Ubiquiti’s range of access points, managed switches, router / security gateways, and IP cameras are available in India and can be purchased directly from their Online Store ( You may reach out to with any questions.

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