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The Emergence of the Zoom of Cybersecurity: Nico Popp from Force Point

I always love looking towards the future, but in 2020 it seems that the future rushed right at us, startling us and shaking us all up. Now we’ve had a little time to adapt, we can regroup, reassess, and take steps forward again.

This is the status quo today: We have all moved to remote working. Cloud deployment is a necessity. Digital transformation has happened-and where it hasn’t, it needs to.

All of these macro factors has led me to the conclusion that cybersecurity is now a business differentiator, and it needs a category disruptor. Cybersecurity has become the enabling engine which permits businesses to accelerate their pivot to the cloud and take advantage of the speed, scale and resilience of digital transformation.

The understanding and position of cybersecurity within the boardroom has long been an area for debate, but now, our discipline has moved a step higher in the food chain, and our importance is elevated. So where does that leave us? What will happen in 2021 to the industry?

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