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Time for Taiwan to Surf on the Favorable Tide.

COVID-19 pandemic has polarized sentiments of countries and its citizens. It has also created the new normal of distancing everything – education, work, shopping, meeting, etc.

In this situation, Taiwan, which is known for its hardware excellence, has developed capability to support the new normal. Many of the hardware centric companies are now offering complete solutions targeting the remote work, collaboration and education market.

Historically, India has been one of the biggest consumers of Taiwan technology. Taiwan innovation and aggressive pricing has been always appreciation by Indian buyers. But for several reasons the last decade has not been good going for Taiwan in India. There might be several reasons including Indian consumers growing attraction for Chinese products, growth of cloud and changing consumption partner of the consumers. But things are changing now; and buyers – specially the technology resellers are keen to support the Taiwan products which come with good technology and aggressive pricing. On top of it Taiwan capability has evolved.

Simon Wang, Executive Vice President, TAITRA, said, “As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan’s robust remote working solutions are making their presence felt in international markets. Top Taiwanese brands have been working on a war footing to offer solutions that will help companies and educational institutions across the world to enable employees and students to work agilely, collaboratively, and securely – with access to specialized support.”

In a Livestream Press Conference on YouTube, On May 7, Tiwan’s technology mouthpiece TAITRA along with its marketing and image campaign initiative Taiwan Excellence showcased the made in Taiwan solutions for relevant to remote working and education.

AVer showcased its ‘Mechanical Arm Wireless Interactive Visualizer’ that is ultra-lightweight and convenient for teachers to carry. It is equipped with a 4K 13-megapixel camera and 60fps imaging, which accurately presents teaching materials without missing any of the finer details.

Similarly, BXB e-demonstrated its ‘Q.con Video Conferencing Solution’ that helps to improve the quality of video conferencing. Its lens can auto-track and provide close-ups of participants with the built-in cardioid microphone auto-detecting the voice of speakers and blocking out background noises. Q.con can also support various platforms such as U meeting, Skype, Good Meets, Microsoft Teams, ZOOM and LINE among others.

Another brand, CyberLink displayed its ‘U Communication Suite’ that is designed for business communication with a fully integrated service for online meetings, presentations and business chat.

At the same time, Delta brought in its DeltaKnEW Academy that is an innovative and open platform for Smart Learning, which has patented learning experience design to equip professionals and enterprises with the latest Industry 4.0 skills.

Gemtek’s ‘Cu-Class’ that was on display is an on-line education and video conference system, which provides a smooth and sharp service that meets the needs of its various users.

Advantage to India

Taiwan technology is superior and better priced. Indian consumers are used to the brands. There is no allegation whatsoever against any Taiwan brand. Indian IT business houses are comfortable with Taiwan technology leadership.

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