Sagar Rane, Designation: Vice President, Sales at Ozonetel.

Ozonetel plans to leverage market opportunity by focusing on enterprise deployments, strengthening our AI and omnichannel innovations, and expanding our channel ecosystem.  

The Pandemic has forced businesses to shift to online operations and there has been a massive migration to the cloud. This has thrown open the wider gates of opportunities for Cloud Vendors as well as Distributors. While the industry is agog over to know what all technologies would majorly impact the cloud market, we would take you through the cloudscape to listen directly from the horse’s mouth as to what the top vendors and distributors are thinking and reflecting, what are their premonitions about the shape of things to come in 2023 and their plans to turbocharge the Partner ecosystem.

In a series of interactions with the poster-boys of the cloud industry, SME Channels embarks upon understanding the cloud dynamics; what drives the cloud growth engine; the key milestones for 2023 set from the channel perspective; key mega trends in the cloud market in 2023, predictions for the New Year; direction for channel partners and the growth roadmap of the cloud players for 2023.

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“To meet the new age expectations and scale operations efficiently, businesses will need to increase their AI investments and work on creating and enhancing their omnichannel customer communication ecosystems”

Sagar Rane,
Vice President, Sales


We spoke to leading cloud player Ozonetel to get a sneak peek into its performance in the cloud Industry. Here, Sagar Rane, Designation: Vice President, Sales at Ozonetel, reveals his company’s key Cloud Predictions for 2023, major achievements and the unique matrixes that design his seminal vision for the Partner Ecosystem, and much more.  Sagar leads Ozonetel`s sales in India. With 20 years of experience within the industry, he has a deep understanding of what makes businesses tick and is passionate about enabling businesses with the latest technology to supercharge their customer interactions at every step of the customer journey.

Below are the edited excerpts:

With the announcement of a slew of measures that call for massive and rapid application of cloud solutions in the country in the digital-friendly budget, how do you plan to leverage the immense market opportunity created in the country?

Over the past few years, digital adoption in India has accelerated rapidly. The latest budget reflects the urgency within businesses to adopt digital transformation, optimize processes and woo the new-age Indian consumer.

There is a massive growth opportunity for cloud-native platforms that enable enterprises to move to the cloud, automate processes and enhance customer experience with modern communications solutions.

We plan to leverage this opportunity by focusing on enterprise deployments, strengthening our AI and omnichannel innovations, and expanding our channel ecosystem.

As a major Cloud player, what market trends would you forecast in 2023?   

In 2023, cloud adoption, AI and digital transformation will continue to accelerate. Our internal research indicates that digital customer interactions with businesses will continue to rise sharply. To meet the new age expectations and scale operations efficiently, businesses will need to increase their AI investments and work on creating and enhancing their omnichannel customer communication ecosystems.

How are your Cloud offerings enhanced to cater to changing business requirements?   

Today, many enterprises are under pressure to optimize business processes, accelerate digital transformation, migrate legacy systems to the cloud, and adopt omnichannel, agile solutions.

Our solution for the SME segment enables quick deployments, seamless integrations, high efficiency, and rapid scale. We are proud to have powered some of India’s largest growth stories within this segment.

This year, we are also geared toward enterprise players. Unlike digital native businesses, these companies need to shift large-scale operations from legacy systems to the cloud. We have put together the specific solutions, services, and human resources required to make this transition as effortless and seamless as possible.

Customer communication and engagement in India are transforming dynamically. Last year we launched a first-of-its-kind CCaaS Platform for WhatsApp and won the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award for our AI-based solutions. Both these innovations focussed on helping businesses build a responsive, efficient, and modern experience that today’s consumers desire. This year too, Ozonetel’s innovations will focus on equipping businesses with the advanced toolkit they require to meet and exceed customer expectations in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

What all a channel partner needs to have to adopt Cloud business and what are the steps to start Cloud practice?   

Ease of setup and maintenance is a key advantage of the cloud. Our cloud solutions require no hardware or software setup. Consequently, our channel partners do not require extensive investments or technical know-how to begin working with us. Instead, our ideal channel partners are those who have a strong network that includes CXOs who are prioritizing business transformation, digital adoption, or migration to cloud operations. Often our partners are those who provide IT services to companies or are vendors to larger organizations.

Please brief us on the kind of service support you extend to your channel partners?   

Ozonetel offers its partners 360-degree support right from pre-sales and sales through onboarding to customer service.

What kind of Partner training programs are run by your company to upskill your partners?   

Since we support our partners at every step of their sales, deployment, and customer service, they require little or no training to partner with us. We grow together organically and ensure that our partners can offer their clients the best-in-class products and support.

Navigating global data privacy and sovereignty laws has become a big issue for global companies. How do you look at the issue?  

Since Ozonetel is a global provider of Contact Center Solutions and CX platforms, meeting the latest international compliances and privacy laws are table stakes for us. We are ISO-20000 and ISO-27001 certified, GDPR compliant, HIPAA compliant, and have PCI-compliant infrastructure.

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