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Manoj Tiwari, Delivery Head – SOC & IAM at Cymune
Manoj Tiwari, Delivery Head – SOC & IAM at Cymune

Cymune helps businesses secure themselves through a single-minded focus in delivering latest innovations in security 

“To be relevant to their customers, a company must innovate and re-engineer their products/offering for modern platforms that meet the needs of a specific industry.”

Manoj Tiwari, Delivery Head – SOC & IAM at Cymune

Evolving threats, expanding compliance risks, and resource constraints have called for a new approach to counter increasing cyber threats. Providing a novel approach to cybersecurity, cyber security solutions provider Cymune has been enabling businesses effectively bridge the security gaps. 

 In an exclusive interaction with SME Channels,  Manoj Tiwari, Delivery Head – SOC & IAM at Cymune, reveals his company’s vision, mission, and core values; how his company has been leveraging the current uptick in demand for cyber security solutions;  how Zero Trust approach will help secure enterprises; and much more. Edited excerpts… 

Kindly tell us about Cymune, its vision, mission, and core values.  

Be technology lifecycle partner of choice for Digital Acceleration and Innovation which is Cloud-led, Security-first, and Data-driven. Our aim is always to help transform businesses by removing any security hurdles with the help of our team of security expert technologists, operations specialists, researchers, and ethical hackers. Our leadership team’s aim behind carving out Cymune was to have the single-minded focus in delivering latest innovations in security that makes businesses Secure and Sustainable. 

Please brief us about yourself and shed some light on your professional tenure. 

I have been associated with Cymune/Locuz for close to 18 years now and served different roles in my tenure. Currently I am heading SOC operations and IAM delivery services. My journey started in 2005 as a software developer role in Network Operations Centre (NOC) and was involved in integrating various software solutions. Then later got into Identity & Access Management (IAM) deployment role & was involved in deploying various IAM solutions across Insurance, Finance & Manufacturing verticals. Was instrument in delivery India’s first IAM solution in Insurance industry.  

In my current role as SOC & IAM Delivery Lead, I am engaged in building team, leading the 24X7 SOC operations, engaging in onboarding new clients. We make sure that we secure our customers from cyber-attacks, pro-actively monitor any threats to the IT infrastructure, assess the security posture, run VAPT and educate customers with the underlying vulnerabilities, help them in fixing it.  

Due to the rise in hybrid work culture and rapid digitization, there has been an upsurge in demand for cybersecurity solutions. How do you leverage this uptick in demand?  

Businesses are increasing their investments in digital acceleration and innovation. There is a growing trend of looking for Hyper Automation opportunities across industries. Customers and traditional businesses are migrating to the cloud or modernizing applications to run natively on the cloud because agility and security have become key ways in which technology is consumed. 

Keeping this in mind, the Cymune team makes every effort to ensure that organizations are secure as they embark on their digital transformation. Their years of experience, combined with their rapid pace of innovation, ensure that any roadblocks that customers face are removed, empowering them with the agility of cloud and ensuring that their decisions are supported by data. R&D and technological advancements have a significant impact on Cymune and everyone else. To be relevant to their customers, a company must innovate and re-engineer their products/offering for modern platforms that meet the needs of a specific industry. For example, the Cymune product Ganana, which has been an important part of complex HPC clusters, hasbeen renamed to deliver Hybrid services and will soon be available on the marketplace with Hyperscalers such as AWS. 

Cymune contributes to all stages of a company’s security lifecycle. The demand for holistic security will only grow as enterprises invest more in the cloud, build data lakes, and deploy complex applications to serve their global business footprint. 

What are the core principles of zero-trust security? 

Verify and authenticate every access request 

  1. Grant least privilege access to users and devices 
  1. Implement network micro-segmentation 
  1. Continuously monitor network traffic and user behaviour 
  1. Assume a breach has occurred or is possible 
  1. Apply Zero Trust principles to all resources, regardless of location or type 

How will the Zero Trust approach help secure enterprises? 

The Zero Trust approach helps secure enterprises by implementing strict access controls, continuous authentication, network segmentation, enhanced visibility and monitoring, encryption and data protection, and extending security principles to cloud environments. It reduces the attack surface, detects anomalies in real-time, limits lateral movement, protects sensitive data, and improves overall security resilience. 

If you look at the current threat landscape, there has been a tangible shift from a product-based approach to a platform-based approach. How does your company look at it? 

Like many organizations in the cybersecurity industry recognize the shift from a product-based approach to a platform-based approach in response to the current threat landscape. They acknowledge the need for integrated and comprehensive security solutions that go beyond individual products, focusing on interoperability, centralized management, scalability, and threat intelligence. The goal is to provide organizations with a unified and adaptable security ecosystem to effectively combat the evolving cyber threats. 

What’s your growth road map for the rest of the year? 

We are aligning our offerings to select industry solutions and will further deepen our capability for improved outcomes. We are among few companies that specialize in deploying and managing tech infra for gene-to-drug lifecycle or accelerated outcomes with HPC led AI. We will over arch all the capabilities with deeper Security capabilities that are critical to the industry offering and mature Ops. 

Please give us a few testimonials of your clients/customers and a list of awards/recognitions that accurately highlight your organization’s position in the sector. 

  • We are a recognized AWS Cloud Security Partner 
  • A Strong ecosystem of partnerships with partners like Cisco, Palo Alto, Splunk, Trend Micro and Azureetc.” 
  • Customers across Industry verticals – Global Fintech, Manufactuirng, Telecom, Pharma etc 
  • Handle more than 600+ incidents/events per day 

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