Tyco launches the latest version of C.CURE 9000

Tyco introduces C.CURE 9000 Version 2.80 which provides features like on-demand identity authentication, meta tags and GIS location pins, that enhance and greatly optimize security operations, broaden search capabilities, and enhance video association for access-led unification.

There have been a lot of key improvements made over the previous versions. C•CURE 9000 now integrates with Duo Mobile, which is a multi-factor authentication mobile app, thus giving companies two-factor authentication without the need to upgrade to costly hardware/technology such as biometric readers and smart cards. Smart Search has also been incorporated in this version, which allows users to easily search for object names, object types, and tagged locations using meta-tags. Meta-tags provide an easy way to add attributes to items, allowing for more robust and customizable search capabilities that greatly reduce search time.

With Security View, users can perform automatic device-to-video mapping, powered by Smart Search capabilities, to auto pull up to 16 camera matches on one intuitive screen. This greatly saves on configuration time. With the new Open Street map, users can now specify a Geographic Information System (GIS) location for objects such as Doors, Readers, Events, Inputs, and Outputs.

The tagged devices will appear based on searched location. A new Receptionist Web Portal allows untrained users the ability to manage the entire visitor lifecycle from before visitors arrive and checking in the visitors, whether registered or unregistered, to monitoring checked-in visitors and checking out visitors. This is ideal for receptionists or guards with limited technical skills or temp workers filling in for a receptionist while out of the office. The new C•CURE Web Health Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of how the system has been performing over the last 7 days so that system administrators can be proactive in ensuring the system is running smoothly.

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