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UiPath to make significant changes in terms of licensing mechanism

In the upcoming months Uipath will be making significant changes in terms of their licensing mechanism.

The changes they are mentioning are not related to the commercial model, but target the actual licensing implementation as they are switching from a 3rd party provider to an internal solution. This has implications for their customers and last week they have started a communication campaign to their customer base to raise awareness on the topic.

They would like to give all the necessary details so that we are consistent in the message conveyed to the customers which is to raise awareness and inform about the need to get on track with a UiPath supported version in the next 6 months.

For a better context, below you can find the communication that was sent their customer accounts. For now they are simply aiming of gathering data regarding customer upgrade plans and availability to apply a licensing patch in due time. Customers should be aware that no measures will be taken before the end of this first data collection phase.

They’ll provide details regarding the exact process and timeline once this step is completed based on customer responses..

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