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Unisys TrustCheck SaaS Platform to Help Organizations Assess and Communicate Cyber Risk in Business Terms 

Unisys Corporation’s newly available TrustCheck, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform, to quickly and easily assess the potential financial impact of cyber risks.

Accurately assessing – and making decisions based on – an organization’s cybersecurity risks can be tough. Part of the challenge involves communicating cybersecurity risks in terms that board members and leadership will understand. TrustCheck addresses that challenge.

TrustCheck is a unique cyber risk management solution offering an innovative and effective method for evaluating and understanding financial exposure to cyber risk and making effective risk management decisions. The new always-on, SaaS-based version of TrustCheck provides continuous access to a web-based portal with risk profile results and loss forecasts that are updated automatically as threats, industry risks and trends change throughout the year. This gives leaders constant visibility into their organizations’ risk posture in an easily understood and effective graphical format, whenever they need it.

TrustCheck leverages X-Analytics, the state-of-the-art cyber risk financial analytics application trusted by leaders in the global cyber insurance industry to underwrite billions of dollars of cyber risk. As such, TrustCheck brings the financial rigor trusted by the global insurance industry to enterprise cyber risk management.

In addition, TrustCheck’s new “Scenario Lab” module gives clients the ability to run configurable risk scenarios, refine them and compare the risk profile deltas against their existing baseline profiles. This allows them to assess the highest probable benefit of a myriad of possible risk reduction investments. Scenario Lab effectively enables the organization to make more informed decisions supported by analytics – decisions in which the highest potential for risk reduction and financial loss reduction align.

“Unlike traditional risk assessment solutions that provide a static snapshot of cyber risk at a specific point in time, TrustCheck is now delivered using a SaaS model so clients can access the easy-to-use portal to continually gain that critical insight into the changing risk landscape and market conditions,” said Chris Kloes, vice president, Unisys Security Solutions. “TrustCheck then gives them business-based risk data so they can easily communicate cyber risk to make better spending decisions.”

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