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ViewSonic Kicks off the 2022 ColorPro Award

ViewSonic 2022 ColorPro Award

ViewSonic kicks off the 2022 ColorPro Award, inviting all creators to submit their work based on the theme “Breakthrough”. Aside from photographs, a new sub-category for “Digital Art” has been added to the contest. Submissions will open from August 15 to September 16, 2022. Participants will have the opportunity to receive prize packages valued at nearly USD 20,000, including cash prizes.

As the ColorPro Award enters its third year, ViewSonic will partner with SHOOTERS, PANTONE, Capture One, Calibrite, and Shoot The Frame. The partners will join as part of the panel of judges and also provide production tools as prizes. Prizes include ViewSonic ColorPro monitors, Capture One licenses, color-forward products from PANTONE and Calibrite, and exclusive memberships with Shoot The Frame to support creators in optimizing their workstations.

“In 2022, we’ve achieved a breakthrough ourselves by transforming the ColorPro Award into a global creative visual competition by expanding the scope, from allowing diverse digital art submissions to bringing more partners and creators into the global community,” said Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. “We look forward to seeing how creators can get out of their comfort zone and get their artistic ‘Breakthrough’. We also hope to inspire creators from all around the world to pursue the moment of breakthrough, prodding them to explore uncharted territories and try new things.”

“Breakthrough” can be expressed through landscapes, portraits, 2D concept art, comics, or any other types of photo or digitally-generated art. All submitted entries will be evaluated based on three main criteria: (1) Overall impression conveyed and emotion delivered; (2) originality, creativity, and storytelling; (3) technical execution, such as lighting, exposure, color, and tone.

ViewSonic also invited four ambassadors to share their moments of “Breakthrough”.

Luke Stackpoole captured the elusive Bengal tiger after a painstaking wait, showing that patience can bring moments of breakthrough. Ron Timehin shared photos out of his first solo photography book, ‘London Fog’, a milestone that opened many doors for him. For Luke Jackson, it is the little victories in a winding journey. His photos convey his appreciation for ‘mini’ breakthroughs.

Alice Greenfield’s biggest breakthrough was starting her own business – a giant leap of faith to leave the safety of a full-time job, much like being in the wild waters of an ocean.

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