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World’s largest independent cloud provider sees 100% surge in demand for data

Lockdown, social distancing, quarantine, and remote working are the buzzwords today that have collectively led to an increased pressure on the Cloud. While cloud providers are experiencing at least 20-40% surge in demand for data, cloud and co-location services. Linode, is experiencing a 100% increase in demand from existing customers and new customers. Basis this, Mr. Ashwin Kumar, Director, Data Centre and Cloud Operations, Linode India would like to share insights on how he sees this current trend picking up. Please feel free to use the quote below in your stories or get in touch with us, if you need any other details.

“During the first two weeks of lockdown, we saw demand spike almost 100%. That spike has settled to a roughly 75% rise in utilization. We suspect this increased demand will continue as companies look to alternative providers like us to better manage their cloud computing costs and strengthen their multi-cloud and business continuity implementations.”

“Today digital transformation and cloud planning are at the heart of all business strategies. Consequently, the demand for data center services that underpin these strategies is growing steeply. At Linode, we have seen demand for colocation services grow, especially among companies in the banking, e-commerce, and OTT sectors. SMEs, too are rethinking their business models and rapidly embracing the cloud to enable collaboration and remote working, minimize their IT expenses, and manage fluctuating demand.”

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