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AMD was the Presenting Partner at the ASIRT Techday event 

Mr Ramesh Pyla - AMD    Coach Kiran Ajwani

Following their Independence Day celebrations, ASIRT hosted their flagship Techday in a virtual setting, which was highlighted by flavours of inspiration and growth. AMD demonstrated business opportunities with informative talks centred on their RyzenTM and RadeonTM SKUs. Members participated enthusiastically in the event, which was followed by an informative discussion on the role of sales and marketing in business by Evolve Speaker, Coach Kiran Ajwani – Advisor, Chief Business Coach and Founder of Innoesis Business Management Private Limited.

The evening began with briefings from Member Speakers from each Consortium on their solutions, case studies, and success stories in the areas of Backup, VPN, Projects on Infrastructure, Leased Line Connectivity, Managed Security, Cloud Contact Centre, BI Dashboarding & Reporting, Sharepoint Migration, Cyber Security, DLP, DFA-AD, EDR, and other topics. Following that, ASIRT President – Mr Tushar Shah gave an overview of the Association and its activities for the benefit of all. He further stated that the total combined turnover of all ASIRTers should be in the range of Rs 2500 crores and upwards.

The next session on the Agenda was through AMD, the Presenting Partner of the event, which was hosted by Mr Ramesh Babu Pyla, National Sales Manager – HEDT and Radeon Graphics. Mr Pyla thanked Mr Pankaj Shah ex- President | ASIRT, for reconnecting with him after his new assignment at AMD and shared that he had strong association with ASIRT for past four years and praised it for its family bonding culture and Techdays provided target audience for any Principal Company / Vendor to introduce their Technology and Product Solutions. Mr Pyla alongwith their FAE, Technology Trainer, Mr Tejas proceeded by giving overview of their entire CPU and APU lineup. He stated “AMD is the only company in the world with both high-performance compute and high-performance graphics technology and the expertise to combine them into custom solutions. The “Zen3” powerful core architecture based on the latest process technology enables leadership single-thread, multi thread, and gaming performance in the AMD RyzenTM  5000 Series CPUs. We also introduced the AMD RadeonTM RX 6000 Series graphics cards, featuring the breakthrough AMD RDNATM 2 architecture, engineered to deliver ultra-high performance and visually stunning gaming for all. We’re powering the next generation of gaming. To know more on AMD innovations one can visit”

Coach Kiran Ajwani then led an Evolve Speaker workshop on the topic of “Building a Quality Sales & Marketing Function.” He has a wide range of experiences from working with multinational corporations with US and European cultures, which has helped him develop his expertise as a Chief Business Coach who provides motivating insights over the years. He began by comparing the Sales and Marketing functions to a business’s engine, which is a distinguishing element between a large corporation and a SME. He added that most SMEs continue to develop despite the lack of a sales and marketing function because the owners and partners are good salespeople and marketers. This Engine requires time, effort, knowledge, and money to construct, but in order to build the Team and expand one’s business, the owner must change his mindset and step aside from always being the engine. To build and implement, a specific strategy and goals should be developed by analysing strengths and constraints, a clear proposition, client segment requirements, positioning, and perceptions, which can help you create a magnetic aura that attracts customers. Furthermore, communication, strengths, consistency, monitoring, and ongoing improvement can either strengthen or invalidate a customer’s experience. To begin, a small team can achieve significant success by remaining consistent and knowing the game’s rules. He also noted that a salesperson’s profile can aid in the selection of an appropriate team to assist them in meeting their sales goals. Mr Kiran answered all of the Members’ questions about sales, including targets, accomplishments, reviews, funnels, remuneration, and feedback to the sales team, and ended his session on a positive note.

Secretary – Mr Nilesh Kadakia thanked all the Speakers and Members for their active involvement and great turnout as the programme came to a close.

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