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ASIRT – The showcase IT association that changed how Mumbai IT does business 

In March 2020, ASIRT Completes 8 years of a incredible journey and literally changed the Mumbai IT channel’s fortunes and working environment from that of 2012. A pure play model of performance, teamwork and vision, ASIRT literally walked the talk that it boasted of in 2012 when it started with high aspirations and dreams. 

Its biggest achievement being its huge focus on partnering and collaboration through its widely acclaimed program of “Consortiums”. Who could have imagined that absolute competitors in 2012, the new gen IT Company has now teamed up with many complementing other Sis and in fact hunting in a pack? Unbelievable! But true. ASIRT grouped their 200 odd member companies in to “Consortiums “of about 15 members which became a veritable force of 10-15 Sis with varying & complementing skillsets. Consortiums featured group meetings, sharing of expertise and skillsets, discussions, knowledge sharing and mentoring by Mumbai premier SIs of the “Chairman’s Club”. Many of these consortiums report partnering success stories amounting to crores of rupees in the past 3 years. The number of consortium success stories run in to hundreds. Over its 8 years of existence, ASIRT went about clinically to bring together the Mumbai IT community through its monthly Techdays, trainings, Member bonding events such as cricket tournaments, parties, multi-day trips and many more. The bottom line is that in a stunning change from 2012, Today a Mumbai IT Channel Company is extremely comfortable, working in partnership with the competitor of yester years.

ASIRT also built its Gold Member program to help members to gain more business opportunities and increase revenues. The Gold Member Program has become the cornerstone of improving the member’s business standards and helping them scale up their own skillsets and value offerings. ASIRT runs a active grievance redressal team to help members sort out issues and problems with vendors and OEMs. ASIRT also acts as a strong Liaising body to have meaningful dialogue with tax and other statutory bodies when required.

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