Romita Das, Manager -- Distribution and Channels, InstaSafe
Romita Das, Manager -- Distribution and Channels, InstaSafe

In order to usher in an equitable society, the mindset of our society needs to be changed and we need more success stories of women to break the gender barriers

“At InstaSafe, it’s not just my good work that is recognized but the environment also supports my career growth, and I am bestowed with a lot of opportunities everyday to grow.”

Romita Das, Manager — Distribution and Channels, InstaSafe

The world just observed the International Women’s Day on 8th March. The Day is a momentous occasion and a reminder to commemorate the immense contributions of women to our society. The day also marks a call to action for celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness about women’s status and accelerating gender parity.  The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 this time is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”. To be able to leverage digital technology for the further betterment of women and other marginalized groups, we need more women contributing towards digital innovation. When women actively participate in digital innovation, they come up with solutions and ideas that empower other women.

In commemoration of Women’s Power in IT Channel Business, we have come up with a special feature on leading Women Leaders in Channel Business. In line with that, we spoke to Romita Das, Manager — Distribution and Channels, InstaSafe.

A proven Channel Leader with solid experience in creating and overseeing channel and distribution partnerships and strategic alliances, Romita has comprehensive understanding of the ISV ecosystem as well as numerous market segments. Her experience spans across diverse industry verticals like IT, Cybersecurity, Retail and Communication. She has specialized in Field marketing, Channel and Distribution Sales, Channel Marketing, and Public Relations in cybersecurity.

In an exclusive interaction with SME Channels, an inspiration and a role model to other aspiring women, Romita offers insights into her perspectives on gender equality, how her organisation provides a women-friendly work environment; initiatives undertaken by her for promoting women’s power; how women can climb to leadership positions in channel business; and how to break the gender stereotypes; and much more. Edited Excerpts…

As a society, do you think we have been able to ensure gender equality? What needs to be done to attain this?   

We have still not been able to ensure gender equality. Over the years, women have marked their presence in all walks of life from being a fighter jet pilot to becoming President of India. Giving equal access to opportunities and removing barriers that discriminate against women and other vulnerable and marginalized groups, such as the disabled, native communities.

To bring an equitable society, our mindset of society needs to be changed and we need more success stories of women to break the barriers. Change takes time and this change is certainly going to fastrack. Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in economic and public life.

Please shed some light on your work environment. Would you dub it women-friendly?  

A great place to work for women employees is one that provides equal opportunities for professional growth, fair pay, and benefits that support work-life balance. It is a workplace where women feel valued, supported, and respected. Such an environment fosters diversity, inclusivity, and open communication, where women feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns without fear of retribution. At IntaSafe, we have ladies across departments. They bring a diverse mindset and vibrant work culture among the teams. As a woman employee of InstaSafe, I see a huge growth in my career. At InstaSafe, it’s not just my good work that is recognised but the environment also supports my career growth, and I am bestowed with a lot of opportunities everyday to grow. Of course, one must also have a flare to achieve success, be it men or women!

As a brand, what are you doing to promote woman power? 

We encourage women at InstaSafe to participate in the “Women in Cybersecurity” community which is quite an active group. Our female employees participate in the webinar from time to time and evangelize various topics of cybersecurity among all women within the community

As a brand promoting gender equality becomes one of our top priorities. We as a brand organize top-level business support for gender equality. We also respect and encourage nondiscrimination and human rights; like treating everyone equally at work. We constantly work on implementing enterprise development through various practices. Of course ensuring safety, healthcare and well being of both women and men are one of our top priorities.

In the IT Business, there are still very few women in leadership positions in Indian organizations. How do you look at this as a successful woman?  

Yes I agree to an extent, compared to industrialized countries, there are more women in India who have earned tertiary degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; yet, there are currently fewer female tech leaders, role models, and tech businesses led by women. However in the previous decade, women have made incremental progress in the technological field. Women in leadership positions in India’s tech industry are among the expanding ranks of inspiring women in tech. Women are making great goods and breaking ground in a variety of areas today. Hence, the eagerness to learn and grow and grab opportunities, could be few tips to achieve success.

To name some successful women in IT could be Roshni Nadar Malhotra, CEO and chairperson of HCL technologies, and Debjani Ghosh, who is a top leader of NASSCOM. Indira Nooyi, CEO and Chairperson of Pepsico. Hence the Indian society is transforming and women are taking leading positions in IT and every sphere.

On your journey as a career woman, have you ever faced gender stereotyping?  

Gender stereotypes determine people’s beliefs about themselves and others.

Our beliefs about ourselves are important in shaping all kinds of important decisions, such as which career paths we choose, what colleges we apply to, and whether we are willing to contribute ideas in the workplace or try to compete for a promotion.

I must say I have had the privilege to work in Bangalore almost throughout my career, and the work culture in Bangalore is very modernized, equal and growth oriented. I am sure the rest of India, also has evolved to the same level. Hence I am one of those fortunate women who has not faced much of gender biasness and equality. And the little amount of discrimination that I faced, can be ignored, as they say “let your success reply”.

Working women are still juggling with challenges at workplaces, what should they do to overcome those challenges in order to be successful?  

I would say challenges will remain in every sphere of life, with challenges come a lot of learning and experience to overcome them. Imagine days when women were not even included in family decisions, forget alone educating them, and see where we have come across today, and create a society where women are educated, heard, and treated equally almost everywhere.

My tips to challenges are to learn from them, smile at them and keep focusing on your goals, you will surely achieve them no matter what. Women should be true to themselves and have a strong work ethic. People around you will take notice, and eventually, women will be looked to for advancement or to work on a project or team. Be confident and believe that you can do anything you set your mind to achieve.

How do you ensure work-life balance?  

Working till late hours, or working from early hours really does not matter to me, for that matter should not matter to anyone. Work life balance comes along with smart work, getting the job done and then enjoying your personal life. I mostly let myself lose when I spend time with my dogs or go on long drives with my family or catch up with my friends outside work.

To quote Cara Delevingne, “When you have balance in your life, work becomes an entirely different experience. There is a passion that moves you to a whole new level of fulfillment and gratitude, and that’s when you can do your best, for yourself and for others.”

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