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Nazmeen Ansari, CEO, Matrix3D Infocom Pvt. Ltd.
Nazmeen Ansari, CEO, Matrix3D Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

Sensitization of both the genders holds the key to gender parity.

“I believe that gender equality is something which evolves with society and has no endpoint to it.”

Nazmeen Ansari, CEO, Matrix3D Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

The world just observed the International Women’s Day on 8th March. The Day is a momentous occasion and a reminder to commemorate the immense contributions of women to our society. The day also marks a call to action for celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness about women’s status and accelerating gender parity.  The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 this time is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”. To be able to leverage digital technology for the further betterment of women and other marginalized groups, we need more women contributing towards digital innovation. When women actively participate in digital innovation, they come up with solutions and ideas that empower other women.

In commemoration of Women’s Power in IT Channel Business, we have come up with a special feature on leading Women Leaders in Channel Business. In line with that, we spoke to Nazmeen Ansari, CEO, Matrix3D Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

As CEO, she is responsible for the business of Matrix3D and leads the Microsoft Practice for Cloud Solutions as she continue to advance in the information security domain.

With over 18 years of industry experience and the last 5 years in a leadership role, Nazmeen has helped firms restructure through realistic and expert solutions.
She has advised companies on how to get the most out of the Microsoft platform and collaboration technologies for better business governance.

She is also an acclaimed speaker on cybersecurity at various forums and events, as well as  workshops to assist firms in developing a solid 360-degree security framework.
Her enthusiasm for all things Microsoft motivates her to serve as Treasurer of the Microsoft IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partner). Using (P2P), she assist partners in growing their businesses.

She has also been elected as the Chair of “The WIT Network,” a Microsoft program that Gavriella Shuster directly supports. Her mission is to encourage Indian women to pursue careers in technology, to give them the confidence and fortitude to succeed, and to display their skills in a competitive world.
In recognition of her immense contribution to the industry, in July 2018, Nazmeen was chosen for the coveted “Chapter of the Year Award” from the IAMCP Women in Technology for India.

In an exclusive interaction with SME Channels, an inspiration and a role model to other aspiring women, Nazmeen offers insights into her perspectives on gender equality, how her organisation provides a women-friendly work environment; initiatives undertaken by her for promoting women’s power; how women can climb to leadership positions in channel business; and how to break the gender stereotypes; and much more. Edited Excerpts…

As a society, do you think we have been able to ensure gender equality? What needs to be done to attain this?

I believe that gender equality is something which evolves with society and has no endpoint to it. We are in an ongoing process to understand how to empower both the genders and it is only sensitization of both the genders and each one coming up with their unique solutions that will help ensure that we move towards better equality.

 Please shed some light on your work environment. Would you dub it women-friendly?  Yes, it takes my utmost pleasure to claim that my work place, Matrix3D is absolutely women friendly. We work on the values of respect and love and that’s what keeps us going with each passing day and also helps into making each other stronger. There’s friendship and the essence of family at Matrix3D. We understand their commitments to their family and do accommodate towards their responsibilities at home too. The male colleagues treat women colleagues equally and help them whenever, wherever possible to help them grow in their career.

Also we make sure that it is safe place and sensitize everyone that a woman may have some privileges that are important in society and to their cultural norms.

 As a brand, what are you doing to promote woman power? 

As a brand, we at Matrix3D encourage women to lead through ideas and events. We also ensure that we discuss financial freedom and create workshops that allow them to understand how that can be achieved by starting early. We give preference to women employees while hiring for a position.

 In the IT Business, there are still very few women in leadership positions in Indian organizations. How do you look at this as a successful woman?  I do not agree to the statement. I believe that as we are progressing as a society, there is a significant rise in women achieving leadership positions. I strongly believe that Every woman, regardless of her position is a successful woman. Sometimes the title may not say leader but the role and responsibilities are that of a leader. Those challenges of title versus role will need to be addressed.

 On your journey as a career woman, have you ever faced gender stereotyping?  No, I haven’t faced any kind of gender stereotyping in my journey as a career woman. I have always experienced equality on my road to growth and success. I have got respect, support and encouragement from my male counterfeit all the time.

 Working women are still juggling with challenges at workplaces, what should they do to overcome those challenges in order to be successful?

I think that in order to overcome challenges at workplace, women must be firm in their opinion and not let anyone’s actions affect them in anyway and to work on a growth mindset. Also, they need to find a place that would allow them to grow and accommodate their family and social commitments.

 How do you ensure work-life balance?

Placing my foundation on the principle of compassion, I try to give my best in everything I do, be it work or household chores. I find strength just by the love of all the people surrounding me and this is how I balance work and personal life. One has to enjoy what you are doing either at workplace or at home, then only you will be able to balance the life at both place and remain happy.

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