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Calsoft honored with the Mint Marketing Award 2021 for Best Digital Strategy

Calsoft has been adjudged winner of the Mint Marketing Award 2021 for ‘Best Digital Strategy’ in the category of Marketing Cognition With Technology. Mr. Somenath Nag, VP-Marketing, Calsoft, was present to receive the award during the Mint Marketing Summit 2021.

The inaugural Mint Marketing Summit highlights the efforts taken by organizations to outperform their traditional practices and adopt a wider range of modern marketing approaches to connect with the customers effectively. The award also recognizes the excellence in creativity and execution of modern marketing campaigns by presenting awards in three main categories—content marketing, marketing cognition with technology, and leadership.

An elite jury comprising some of India’s finest marketing minds picked the winners after a rigorous evaluation process of multiple rounds identifying the ones that created success metrics, won the organization newfound respect, recognition, revenue gain, and added to the business growth.

Calsoft had focused investments in implementing a marketing automation platform that helps’s to track the prospective buyers in their complete lifecycle (Awareness-Interest-evaluation-buy-support).

“Calsoft is humbled and honored to receive this award under the category of Marketing Cognition with Technology for the Best Digital Strategy. Through digital campaigns Calsoft had a 20 % new business growth and we strive to make persistent efforts in making Calsoft a customer-centric and technology-first organization and aligning our digital practices to entice the right audience,” says VP Marketing & Corporate Strategy, Mr. Somenath Nag. He added, “Mint recognizing our efforts is evidence that we are on the right path and we will attain our long-run goals .”

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