D-Link Smart Mesh Routers with McAfee Protection

Need a Superfast Wi-Fi that provides network security? Then look no further – as D-Link brings to its powerful, intelligent home routers with built-in McAfee protection for every device on network. Following its global success D-Link now brings EXO series Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Routers equipped with McAfee protection to India. Available in three variants – DIR-1360, DIR-1960 and DIR-2660, it fits any home networking need, at any budget, and also features D-Link’s proprietary Wi-Fi Mesh technology.

With the built-in powerful McAfee protection into D-Link EXO Series routers, one can easily defend themselves at the network level way before threats come close. McAfee Secure Home Platform in D-Link EXO Routers protects all devices connected to the network, and emerging threats are identified and blocked even before it comes close. So, when you are away from home you can deny any new devices from connecting to your network. Free installations of McAfee LiveSafe antivirus software for computers, tablets and smartphones is also provided.

Advanced parental controls feature in EXO Routers help to ensure the safety of kids so that parents can rest easy. One can easily manage home network’s security and parental controls features from smartphone with D-Link Defend App. So, keep your kids safe online with age-based profiles and pause the internet when you need to. Further D-Link Wi-Fi app provides intuitive interface and step-by- step instructions, that makes setting up EXO a breeze. Best of all, voice integration with Amazon Alexa allows for effortless and hands-free network security management.

EXO routers feature D-Link’s proprietary Wi-Fi Mesh technology, which allows you to mix-and-match compatible routers and extenders to create your network and expand your coverage according to your home networking needs. Wi-Fi Mesh creates one network throughout your entire home, so as you move around, you’re automatically connected to the strongest and seamless network. You can also see your mesh network’s weak spots clearly in real time with the Dynamic Network Assistant. Auto Channeling allows mesh nodes to automatically select the channel with least interference, and Auto Optimization ensures that mesh nodes automatically find the shortest, fastest path to the mesh router. With the Auto Healing feature, Wi-Fi Mesh automatically establishes an alternative path to the mesh router when a mesh node malfunctions. Wi-Fi Mesh also features easy network setup with Automatic Wireless AP Configuration, as network settings are replicated on additional units once the first has been configured.


  • Integration with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Powerful 880 MHz dual-core processor
  • Speedtest by Ookla
  • Auto Update

Pricing: Rs. 4999/- onwards
Warranty: 3 years


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