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Data Resolve Leads the Insider threat Management Landscape

Data Resolve offers an efficient product, inDefend that helps to protect your data from insider threats and prevent the leakage of sensitive data through various communication channels and endpoints. 

“According to recent report 74% of Organizations are vulnerable to Insider Threats out of which 57% of endpoints are at risk within the enterprise ~ BETA news “

Currently serving more than 1,000,000 endpoints across the globe, the award-winning product inDefend from Data Resolve Technologies monitors & controls Insider threat through various channels like Browser, Applications, Media devices, emails & many more.

It is focused on addressing issues related to Corporate fraud, Data Leak & Employee productivity with security analytics. inDefend is available on both in-premise & on-cloud platforms, with its integrated product suite inDefend Solution for the workplace as well as handheld devices.

Insider Threats are one of the major reasons for data leaks. According to industry research, 90% of today’s sensitive corporate data now resides in laptops, desktops, servers & mobile phones. 60% of data security threats arise from data thefts caused by defecting employees within the organization & 100% data thefts occur due to incorrect access privileges & insufficient monitoring system.

“DLP as a technology is not adding much value in isolation, having a unified insider threat model is key to take balanced incident management decisions” quoted by Atul Bansal of Gateway rail.

inDefend: Unified User Behavior Analytics and Insider Threat Management Solution

inDefend is a one-stop solution that helps to protect your data from all kinds of insider threat within organization. It allows you to monitor your employees’ behavioral patterns & pinpoint potential avenues for data exfiltration. This solution is built to achieve complete transparency over all digital assets residing within the organization.

With our unified solution inDefend, you can quickly tackle various kinds of security issues related to data exfiltration. It offers a proactive approach to the organization as follows:

  • Insider Threat Management

Get a complete user behavior analysis to protect your sensitive data from being compromised by employees through monitoring their activities and communication habits.


  • Real-time Alerts


Get real-time incident alerts for any data exfiltration activity that takes place within the organization.


  • Accurate Analytics


Get detailed cyber intelligence reports which highlight the critical and sensitive data leakage scenarios with granular visibility into team dynamics and organizational ecosystem.


  • Superior Control


Block specific channels or devices in case any sensitive data exfiltration is detected.


  • Enforced Encryption


Secure multiple endpoints with implemented encryption on external storage devices to restrict the use of sensitive information or files.


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Extract text from images and process them further to detect the presence of sensitive content like keywords, regular expressions, or file types with OCR.

Implementing a better security system is the need of the hour for all organizations. Our unified solution inDefend can secure your organization from data exfiltration. inDefend is designed to prevent data leakage via various communication channels and proactively keep you informed of any sensitive data exfiltration attempt on-the-fly. So, start securing your organization against data exfiltration with inDefend.


It cannot be argued that Insider Threats are one of the top Cyber Security Threats that should not be underestimated in the least. They are a challenge that most companies face sooner or later, therefore the proactive approach would be to take preventive measures now, than to address it post breach. Data Resolve offers a mechanism through which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities pertaining to data leak and data theft as they also provide a proactive approach to the organizations. It is one of the best vendors for User Behavior Driven Insider Threat Management.

By : Nidhi Shail

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