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E-Soft to Focus on Enhancing Security Skillset and RPA

Started in 2003, E-Soft Solution is today the leading IT solutions company, which is focusing on software business with specialization in cloud computing, AI, BI, RPA, etc.

Based on out Noida, it started with providing end to end infra solution and focused on software compliance and SAM business. That time, the awareness around IT was very less. A lot of MNCs entered into Indian market and they mandated the compliances, which opened up the opportunity for the partners and E-Soft flourished a lot. Parallel business around backup, storage and DR also increased.

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“I am planning to induct all our technical staff in periodic security training – specially around cloud security, VAPT, SASE and Zero trust.”

Rajnikant Das,
Founder & Director,
E-Soft Solutions Inc.


E-Soft Solutions started with meager Rs.5 Lack but touched its peak during 2010 with Rs. 25 Crore revenue, which bounced back to Rs.15 Crore now with a healthy bottom-line.

Rajnikant Das, Founder & Director, E-Soft Solutions, recalls, “The market was rapidly growing. All the MNCs were spreading thick and fast in India and business was flourishing. And the sentiment of the market was very high for IT in India. Along with MNCs and domestic customers were spending huge budget around IT during that time.”

But gradually, awareness became high and IT became consumerised, which resulted in thinning margin of single digit with huge challenges around payment collection and the company lost substantial amount of revenue.

He added, “Post dotcom bust, with the evolution of cloud and XaaS, businesses for the Indian partners become different. This was supported by government as they brought out IT policy and created mandate and ways for investment.

So, to the advantage of E-Soft, the awareness of software as an asset became quite a high and OEMs focused strongly on the cloud and software service business. Although the revenue of E-Soft went down nearly 50% but Rajnikant is happy that his bottom-line increased to double digit. There is no bad debt and OD from the bank.

Today, E-Soft is a leading cloud solution provider with most of the OEMs in their portfolio and Microsoft Azure is the largest contributor for his total revenue.  E-Soft also deals in cyber security, IaaS, SaaS and PaaS, etc.

Rajnikant as an entrepreneur has a huge market information and hands-on in various technology, which is an advantage for the company. He not only sells solutions but guides customers about the right solutions.

He added, “We are looking at expanding on the director of cloud, digital, mobility and cyber security. As per him, cyber security is a huge menace to the organizations today. Organizations are moving rapidly on digital path, they need to keep security as priority and our strategy is to bring in innovative and affordable solutions to the market.”

Rajnikant concluded, “The other focus of ours is to invest in skillset development. I am planning to induct all our technical staff in periodic security training – specially around cloud security, VAPT, SASE, Zero trust, etc. I do not want topline growth only; my focus is how to enhance my bottom-line.”

As an individual Rajnikant is a happy go lucky person who believes in relationship. He spends his free time in traveling and nature gazing. A lover biking and a big time foodie, Rajnikant is a father of two young boys who are equally talented.

Rajnikant believes in instilling values and culture in them. ‘Like father like Son’. Kids are involved into lots of digital practices. He motives them to do something different in digitalization and coding. He is also a fitness freak, who hits the gym every day and pushes his kids to adopt some sports into their live. Of course behind his success and growth, his better half – Archna Das has a great hand who takes care of Rajnikant and the kids by supporting in healthy practices too.

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