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“An Initiative To Enroll New Members From Across India”

The PROGRESSIVE CHANNELS ASSOCIATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (PCAIT) held its Annual General Meeting on February 27th, 2021 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Okhla in New Delhi. The meeting was conducted to present the vision of the association to the newly appointed EC.

The AGM started with a presentation on the vision of the association covering three major aspects:

  1. Networking – जुडो
  2. Recognition– जोड़ो
  3. Business Growth- आगेबढ़ो

The presentation was led by association President Mr. Alok Gupta (MD, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd) and covered the 3 core milestones to be achieved during the 2021-2023 tenure.

NETWORKING: Aimed at elaborating the vision of adding new members to the association and bringing up the total to 500+ members from Delhi/NCR & moving beyond the geographical boundaries to add 2000+ members PAN India.

RECOGNITION: A two pronged approach is envisioned for providing better solutions and opportunities to the members

  • GOVT DEPARTMENT INTERACTIONS: The agenda for the association is clearly defined, leave no stones unturned and to implement that into practice the association would host monthly meetings with Govt. officials and get in depth understanding of various laws & by laws created by Govt. to safeguard or promote business opportunities for the Industry members.
  • MEETING WITH OEMs: Partners often come across various issues while engaging in business with OEMs since there is lesser opportunity for direct interaction. The association aims to bridge the gap and create a platform where partners have easy access to various OEMs whose products are being promoted by them. The association would address all concerns and issues arising between partners and OEMs to ensure a smoother business practice.

BUSINESS GROWTH: During this point Mr. Gupta elaborated on the various efforts that the association is aiming to provide to the partners, which in turn will help them grow their business. Creating digital platform for connectivity amongst network members, showcase products offered by members to each other, opportunities for life members for extending their business beyond geographical boundaries are some of the key talking points.

The AGM also marked the start of PCAIT working groups (PWG)– Members were delegated different roles and responsibilities and groups were defined for smoother operation and cohesive efforts.

PWG Group Lead Group Members
Membership Delhi NCR Mr. S. Nautiyal

Spark Technologies Ltd

Mr. Ajay Gupta
Membership All India Mr. KapilWadhwa

Champion Computers Pvt Ltd

Ms. KavitaSinghal, Mr. Alok Gupta(Softmart)
OEM Relationship Mr. A. Singh

ComputerlandPvt Ltd

Mr. Himanshu Gupta, Mr. Atul Gupta
Govt. & Taxation Relationship Mr. Alok Gupta

Softmart Solutions

Mr. Sandeep Arya, Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva,

Mr. SanjivBhavnani, Mr. Arun Gupta

Make In India &GeM Coordination Mr. Manoj Gupta

Fortune Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. KapilWadhwa, Mr. SujitNarula,

Mr R .K.Bansal

Startup &  Venture Capital Funding Mr. R. K. Malhotra

Velocis Systems Pvt. Ltd

Mr. A. Singh, Mr. DevendraTaneja,

Mr. Ranjan Chopra

Seminar and Skill Development Mr. ManojBisht

MK InfosystemsPvt Ltd

Mr. Nitin Aggarwal
Event Mgmt. Group Mr. Atul Modi

ModiInfosolPvt Ltd

Mr. Alok Gupta(Cache), Mr. P.K.Sharma
Sponsorship Group Mr. Ashok Kumar (Rah InfotechPvt Ltd), Mr. Vishal Bindra (ACPL Systems Pvt. Ltd),  Mr. Ajaya Kumar (Park NetworkPvt Ltd), Mr. S. Nautiyal (Spark Technologies Ltd , Mr. PK Sharma (Comnet Vision (India) Pvt .Ltd)


 The discussion made detailed delegation with clear categorization of roles of each team and its members.

PWG-Membership Delhi NCR- Spearheaded by Mr. S. Nautiyal the responsibilities are extended to increasing the current partner base to 500+ across Delhi/NCR

PWG-Membership All India- Under the able guidance of Mr. Kapil Wadhwa the objective of the group for this term is to go beyond their current framework and extend chapters across the country. Considering inputs and overwhelming responses from partners from other states the EC has now initiated efforts to associate with regional partners as well.

PWG OEM Relationship- Mr. A. Singh has taken the baton for creating opportunities of regular interactions for partners with OEMs. Conducting seminars, webinars etc. alongwith being the liaison between two parties for business associations.

PWG Govt. & Taxation Relationship- The sole aim of this group would be act as an intermediary between Govt. offices and the partners. Scope of work for the group comprises but not limited to:

  • Interaction with Ministry
  • Monthly Meeting
  • Representation to Govt.
    • Ministry of IT and Communication (IT Policy)
    • Ministry of Finance (Taxation)
    • Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Make in India/GeM)
    • Coordinate with the Ministry of Finance and GST Committee to rationalize taxes on IT products

PWG- Make In India &GeM Coordination- Under the leadership of Mr. Manoj Gupta the group would focus on the following points


  • Enable products of PCAIT Members to register under “Make in India”
  • Coordinate with Ministry/Department to get “Software products” accredited under “Make in India”
  • Coordinate with NASSCOM, iSPIRT, ISODA to enable “Software products” to be accredited under “Make in India”


  • Enable products of PCAIT Members to be GeM Registered
  • Help PCAIT Members to be Gem enabled (Training Session)
  • Help resolution of problems with GeM/PCAIT Members

PWG- Startup &Venture Capital Funding Group- Under the leadership of Mr. R. K. Malhotra the groups primary objective would be:


  • To connect with different incubation centers  and showcasing startups to PCAIT members for investment
  • Create a Pool of funds by PCAIT Members which can be used to fund startups
  • Next. Gen. can also come up with ideas for funding


  • PWG will act as liaison between VC and PCAIT members to assist in association between the two parties
  • If PCAIT members need VC Funding, they can contact PWG to introduce them to Venture Capitalist or VC Funding Company

PWG- Seminar and Skill Development- Led by Mr.Manoj Bisht would work towards keeping members updated

  • Regular Emailers to be sent to PCAIT Members about the current/latest changes in GST , Income Tax and Labor Laws.
  • Regular Seminars and Webinars with participation of GST Offices, Income Tax Officers to enable the members to understand the Government point of view.
  • Regular Seminars and Webinars with participation of Tax consultants / Lawyers to enable the members to create checklists and understand the necessary compliances to be taken care of for ethical business practices
  • Conducting Monthly Training for partners and their staff

PWG- Event Mgmt. Group- Spearheaded by Mr. Atul Modi the group would focus on creating coherence and collectiveness within the association members.

  • 1 or 2 Events every quarter One with  members only and one with members with their family
  • Annual Summit outside Delhi
  • Festival Celebration like Holi Milan, Diwali Mela etc.
  • Maintaining and sharing Annual Calendar to partners in advance to block the dates

PWG- Sponsorship Group- Lastly but most importantly the Sponsorship group’s main objective would be to identify and enroll sponsors for funding for the various engagements both Business/Social amongst members. They would need to be in touch with various OEMs to become a part of the association’s engagement activities.

Alok Gupta (President), Mr. Saket Kapur ( General Secretary) and Mr. P. K. Sharma( Treasurer)  will be  member of all PWGs.

The AGM concluded with a vital commitment from the entire association, in an effort to create better roadmaps in the near future. All members have agreed to contribute 10% of their business working hours towards putting a solid foundation to fulfill their vision and pave ways to a better growth prospect for all members.

PCAIT has also provided desktops to SDMC School through Mr. Mukesh Suryan, Chairman Education Cell.

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