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FusionVR Accelerates Immersive Industry 4.0 Solutions for Pharma and Healthcare

FusionVR, India’s leading Industry 4.0 solutions provider delivers state-of-the-art immersive Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the pharma and healthcare sectors. Healthcare is a priority for all and this company aims to revolutionize healthcare manufacturing and usher in excellence in production and staff-training regimes.

AR/VR solutions enable the healthcare sector to improve existing processes and procedures in myriad ways that would ultimately add value to the customer.  Scenario-based AR/VR training solutions enable pharma professionals to learn, train effectively and deliver on quality, efficiency and productivity compared to traditional learning methods. Visualizing a new reality creates valuable insight and ideas, contributing to the significant efforts to improve human civilization.

High Standards & Compliance

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare demand high compliance and to manufacturing, quality and patient care standards. Hence, it becomes critical for leaders to ensure the right resources and technologies are made available to meet these exacting standards to develop and maintain a highly-skilled workforce. Detailed knowledge, operational discipline and quality control are desired and conventional training approaches have not delivered expected results.

Pathway to Excellence

Immersive technologies like VR and AR, infused with learning approaches identified from research in brain science enable greater understanding, retention and confidence. This contributes to excellence and fewer human errors in the workplace. Sophisticated AR/VR solutions will allow learners to enter a virtual or augmented learning environment enabling them to grasp effectively, test their skills, and review their performance with no-consequence and risks.

Smarter Manufacturing and Logistics –

AR/VR technologies equip the manufacturing units with a high degree of control through smart visual and audio prompts, real-time assistance, hyper-realistic visual cues, natural & life-like interactions; psychophysics based emphatic learning, and making intelligent decisions with information overlay, driving consistency into the production cycle. Building a robust supply chain and practical logistics is imperative for the healthcare sector. VR and AR technologies ease the complexities in the logistics of medical equipment by giving real-time information to professionals at the right location. Smart AR/VR tools can be effectively used in the warehousing system to ease the product storage processes, pickups, assembly, packaging, staff training, and more to improve warehouse management.

Product Design

Research and development of drugs, medical devices and processes form a substantial part of the healthcare sector.  VR and AR technologies provide the means to develop the design and test them virtually and use overlays on existing systems, identifying glitches and addressing shortcomings without substantial investment in equipment and labour. These technologies make manufacturing smarter and save tremendous time, effort and cost for companies big and small.

Dr. C.S.S Bharathy, Founder, FusionVR, has more than a decade of experience delivering smart industry 4.0 solutions for various high-risk process and research organizations across the globe

Expressing his views on the matter, Dr. Bharathy said, “We at FusionVR, are dedicated and passionate for the huge potential and capabilities that AR/VR technologies bring to the pharma and life science sector. The company aims to expedite its applications into the industry’s natural environment and create a truly productive and risk-free environment. Moreover, with a deadly virus on the loose, a comprehensive technological up-gradation of contemporary operations is strongly needed now more than ever, and this is the best time to adopt immersive AR/VR technologies for an efficient future,” he added.

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