It is Time the Channel Business Gets Structured

Zakir Hussain Rangwala, CEO of BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

Post pandemic has opened up a lot of market opportunity – specially for the security OEMs, though business growth is all around the technology spectrum. SME Channels tried to understand the market sentiment from Zakir Hussain- Director, BD Soft.

How is the demand for cybersecurity solutions from data centers and CSPs during 2021?

The demand from data centers and CSPs has always been there and keeps on increasing every time for cybersecurity solutions. Along with that, they provide security to their users by becoming MSP themselves.

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“We plan to be present in at least 100 cities of India by the end of 2021 with all our solutions.”

Zakir Hussain- Director, BD Soft


What challenges have you faced during lockdown? And how was the business once the lockdown was relaxed.

The challenge was to reach the market and be there on the field. However, after a month of lockdown, our industry became the key discussion point and opened several new markets. Also, in this period we focused on maximum brand visibility and recall, being, seen & heard in the minds of partners and consumers. Our business did not decline after the first 2 months of lockdown rather we have seen a steady growth thereafter. Also, from business perspective in the Year 2020 we have engaged Tie ups and partnerships with several international brands specific to Indian Markets.

Where do you see the channel business going in the next 2-3 years in India?

The channel business is streamlining continuously. It is time the channel business gets structured. At the moment there is multi-channel strategy, which we feel will go obsolete as we move forward. There will be only 2 tier of channel partners. As the business starts, we will see more distributor to reseller connects than tier 2 distribution. The channel business will definitely grow in a country like India. We are completely focused on our partners and we do 100% business via them.

What are the most common cyber threats nowadays?

Ransomware that employs encryption to hold a victim’s information, Phishing attacks to be the most familiar due its simplicity, effectiveness and high return on investment, and Insider threats are most common threats nowadays a company faces. The Year 2020, had 1 attack every 14 seconds, right from ransomware, phishware to Data breach.

What are the areas of growth for BD Soft in the country and what is your roadmap for the same?

We have added products complementing our solutions and we are focused on the same. Our solutions, will save money for the customers (not just cost effective but combating the long term financial damage) and at the same time, offer better features, which are useful. We believe that the market for Endpoint Detection and Response, Data Leakage Protection, Employee monitoring, backup & mailing solutions will grow and there is a good opportunity for channel partners in the same.

What are your plans for 2021?

We plan to be present in at least 100 cities of India by the end of 2021 with all our solutions. Our team is also on a growth path and we will be around 70 team members by the year end, focusing on sales, support and presales activities. We are also adding Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) & Security operations center SOC services for our partners who will then take it to their customers.

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