Kaspersky Cyber Insights: an Intelligence-driven cybersecurity virtual conference for cybersecurity wizards in India 

Kaspersky’s most awaited virtual conference Cyber Insights, which will discuss on the theme Intelligence-driven cybersecurity: Now and Beyond is going to happen on Wednesday, 19th August 2020. The session will be open to all the cybersecurity enthusiasts present in the South Asia region who can enroll themselves for the conference with free registration.

Kaspersky Cyber Insights is an annual event organised across various cities in Asia Pacific that attracts security experts, senior executives and customers. This year, Cyber Insights will go virtual in support of the current situation.

Cybercriminals are seeking to gain access to corporate networks – particularly in the post-perimeter era, which arises not only because of digital transformation but exacerbated by COVID-19 work-from-home imperatives. Against this background, how does cybersecurity need to evolve? This year’s Cyber Insights is themed around Intelligence-driven Cybersecurity: Now and Beyond. The content and discussion will be around how to enhance Cybersecurity in the era of hyper connectivity with advanced protection technologies and architecture that enable organizations to gain complete visibility of the threat lifecycle.

The list of key speakers at the Cyber Insights virtual conference include:

  • Mr. Eugene Kaspersky: Founder & CEO, Kaspersky
  • Mr. Vitaly Kamluk: Head of Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), Asia Pacific
  • Mr. Stephan Neumeier: Managing Director, Kaspersky, Asia Pacific
  • Mr. Dipesh Kaura: General Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia)
  • Mr. Dmitry Chernetsky: Enterprise PreSales Expert, Kaspersky Asia Pacific

As well as invited guest speakers: 

  • Dr. Durga Prasad Dube: Global CISO, Senior Cybersecurity Practitioner, Reliance Industries
  • Mr. Anil Kumar Nair:  Senior Vice President – IT Infra & Security, Kotak Securities Ltd

The key speakers and panelists will have an elaborate discussion on the top threats faced by Enterprises in South Asian countries – and what they mean for IT leaders and Security Decision Makers, in terms of incident response, business continuity and risk management. The conference will give the participants an actionable intelligence on how to transform their cyber defence capabilities and move towards achieving Cyber-immunity.

Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky, South Asia added, “Through this event we would like to invite all the IT leaders/ CIOs and CISO’s to come together and discuss their growing concerns related to enterprise security and the way forward to achieving cyber-immunity. We convene IT professionals, to understand how leading-edge global corporations have built their security on proven technologies and learn how to build a security framework that can provide reliable protection in the era of digital transformation by speaking to experts and updating themselves on the latest from security world.”

Interested participants can register for the event here:

The virtual conference is scheduled for Wednesday, 19th August, 2020 at 01:30 pm (IST). The speakers look forward to a great participation and elaborate discussions that will help the attendees to gain the confidence to grow their business without any fears and achieve the level of security preparedness as we rapidly move towards digital transformation.

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