Kaspersky Web Traffic Security enables immediate deployment or agile configuration

Kaspersky has unveiled the next version of Kaspersky Web Traffic Security, a dedicated protection product for corporate IT networks from web-based threats. The product is now available in two deployment options, as a standalone application and a software appliance, to meet broader customer needs. Protection capabilities are enhanced though integration with Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack to improve early detection of sophisticated web threats.

According to Kaspersky researchers, 717 million web attacks were revealed in just the second quarter of this year. The attacks contain different kinds of malware, from generic adware to ransomware and advanced threats that reach corporate networks through phishing, social engineering or unreliable web resource surfing.

Web gateway protection allows companies to block massive amounts of web threats before they even reach endpoints. This decreases the number of alerts on endpoints that interrupt users and administrators, as well as ensures protection of devices which don’t have endpoint security product installed or updated.

To make the deployment and use of the product effective for companies with different demands, Kaspersky now offers it in two options: as a software appliance or a standalone application.

  • The software appliance is a ready-to-use solution for companies that need to quickly deploy and start using secure web gateway with a proxy server pre-configured. The appliance interface allows users to manage the incorporated proxy server, avoiding configuration hassle.
  • The Kaspersky Web Traffic Security standalone application allows resource economy and a more agile configuration for companies that need a more customised solution and careful integration of different cybersecurity products. The application doesn’t necessarily demand a separate server, as the system requirements necessary to protect a particular bandwidth are met. It can be installed alongside other applications but configured separately from other gateway components.

The protection capabilities of Kaspersky Web Traffic Security are now empowered by two-way API-based integration with Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack, which allows customers of both solutions to achieve earlier attack detection and automated responses to advanced web threats. Suspicious files are automatically sent to Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack for analysis. The system reveals the nature and malicious activity that the advanced threat generates, including files, transmission of commands, payloads and stolen data, and blocks them at the early attack stage.

“Different deployment scenarios allow companies to choose the best way to secure corporate web traffic, depending on available resources or IT network architecture. It also brings new usage scenarios to our partners. For example, the new format of the all-in-one appliance can be used by managed service providers to add web traffic security to their portfolio. Thanks to the application’s ease of deployment, scalability and multitenancy, they can provide web traffic security as a service for additional protection to ever growing number of customers, without the hassle,” commented Sergey Martsynkyan, Head of B2B.

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