Schneider Electric launches Galaxy VS UPS for critical infrastructure applications

Schneider Electric has introduced the first version of Galaxy VS 3-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS, with internal smart battery modules. Galaxy VS is a highly efficient, modular, easy-to-deploy three-phase UPS designed to meet the critical power requirements of IT, commercial, and industrial facilities earlier this year.

The new Galaxy VS 10-50 kW with internal smart battery modules improves availability with added battery flexibility and monitoring, redundant battery strings, and self-configuration. It also reduces risks by ensuring that critical loads are always protected with highly predictable runtimes and battery redundancy. It has a compact footprint optimised by integrating batteries in the UPS cabinet, making it ideal for the unique requirements of edge computing and critical infrastructures.

The Galaxy VS with internal smart battery modules is available globally except for Greater China and Japan. Depending on power and run time requirements, two cabinet options are available offering 10-50 kW 400V, 10-25 kW 208V, and 20-50 kW 480V. Start-up service is included to guaranteed optimise system performance, quality, and safety. Galaxy VS was first introduced in April 2019 for external batteries supporting 20-100 kW 400V/480V and 10-50 kW 208V.

“With its impressive efficiency and internal smart battery modules along with being EcoStruxure Ready, the latest Galaxy VS is an innovative and flexible choice for end-users, distributors, partners, and integrators in diverse environments, especially edge computing and critical infrastructures,” said Christopher Thompson, Vice President, 3 Phase Line of Business, Schneider Electric. “By integrating smart features like self-configuring and temperature monitoring, this new Galaxy VS is the optimal choice to achieve increased availability without sacrificing performance.”

Additional Galaxy VS benefits include:

  • Footprint savings. Compact design and full front access for servicing makes it ideal for confined spaces.
  • Maximum availability thanks to modular architecture. Critical system components built as modules for faster serviceability and fault tolerance.
  • Cost savings. Provides up to 99% efficiency when operated in Schneider Electric’s patented ECOnversion mode, allowing users to recover their initial investment within two to three years through energy savings.
  • Increased uptime and simplified maintenance. Critical system components are built as modules with a fault-tolerant design. This provides internal redundancy at reduced load levels and a shorter mean time to repair.
  • EcoStruxure ready. Makes it easy to manage with global visibility of equipment performance and status supported with a 24×7 expert service bureau using the next generation management software, EcoStruxure IT Expert and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor.
  • Green Premium certified, offering sustainable business performance by design.

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