Women in IT

Kavita Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, BluPrints

Name – Kavita Aggarwal
Designation – Founder and CEO
Qualification- B.Sc.(H) Electronics, MCA, MBA
Company – BluPrints

Contribution to the corporate business and practices 

As a Founder and CEO, I am involved in Business Strategy, defining Dashboards for monitoring execution, and leading the team for building high-performance and goal-orientation. Being in a Product Engineering business, innovation and New Product Development are key tasks that take up a reasonable amount of my monthly efforts. Compliances and vendor management are also regular practices that have helped me steer the company in its charter over the years.

Weekly Dashboards, Management Review Meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews, Quarterly Key Metrics on new products, Segment and Product-wise revenue, customer feedback are all part of my monitoring process.

Impact on the industry 

A firm supporter of the  “Make in India” campaign, I want my company to help strengthen India by building technology fostering own Research and Development – R&D that is done for the purpose of building solutions that solve problems peculiar to India and not simply picking catalog hardware developed by foreign brands and integrating them together. I would like society to perceive Indian made embedded products and solutions as world-class, and reduce their dependency on China or the western world for supplying us world class products.

My goal is to become amongst the top product engineering companies that builds high tech, high quality and cost effective embedded solutions to take India to the global map.


The main differentiating practice which my organization holds sacrosanct is constant R&D. We are committed to continuous improvement in our products, practices, services, perception, market share, customer satisfaction – anything and everything drills down to constant in-house Research and Development. This enables us to control technology and costs and build better relations with customers by way of customizing and fashioning solutions for them to cater to their specific business needs.
Current plans include greater impetus on increasing our product portfolio – both horizontally and vertically. My dream is to take BluPrints to 20x in 5 years.

Mentoring entrepreneurs

I do not find much time in between scaling up my company and raising my 1 year old – to really participate in entrepreneurial/start-up forums. However I do believe that Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, which should be practiced by all, whether employees or employer. This enables us in taking decisions in ambiguous situations. Hence I do make it a point to regularly mentor my employees and share my experiences with them or put forth challenging situations in front of them, so as to fuel entrepreneurial thinking in them. The purpose is to enable them to break down complex problems to come up with out-of-the-box logical solutions, and this helps to get collaborative decision making at BluPrints.

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