Women in IT

Minal Bhagat, Director, Ensonic Computech Pvt limited 

Name – Minal Bhagat
Designation – Director
Company- Ensonic Computech Pvt limited
Educational Qualification- BCOM and MBA

Contribution to the corporate business and practices 

As the poet Tagore said, “You are one-half woman and one-half dream”. We are more than just our gender, we as women need to dream big and shoot for the stars.

Impact on the industry 

Today’s women are empowered with gender equality improving year after year. Women are working shoulder to shoulder with men in all aspects of life and breaking all stereotypes. You will see women fighting wars for the nation, flying airplanes and even farming, but why are we underrepresented in a career path like Sales?

There are a lot of prejudices on how sales jobs are defined and what type of person should assume a sales role. Add on to another demographic, deeper, one like motherhood, or a specific ethnicity, and the gender representation is almost non-existent. Once you become a mother, it’s an uphill battle to go against what society has been trained to think: those mothers belong at home and not in the workplace. But it’s time we give up that notion. It has been proven that organizations benefit greatly from the different perspectives and strengths that women bring.

It took me 25 years to understand what “my goal is “. I would like to enable all girls to find one and ensure that they do not take 25 years of their life to decide that .Let me empower as many girls as possible to help fix their goals.


The future of smart and digital classrooms is bright and there are very few companies who have a complete product and solution range in this domain. Solution approach rather than product approach in digitization is unique and not many have the understanding of classroom products, teaching, recording and broadcasting. You may have experts of audio visual separately but combination of interactive panels with audio ,visual broadcasting and recording classrooms is revolutionary .We have already taken coaching industry by storm with our complete package besides the schools ,colleges and university solutions .Education industry that too for digitization sky is the limit .

Mentoring entrepreneurs

As a working woman, it is important to me to work in a company that allows me to maximize both personal life and career. While numbers are important, so is our personal life and happiness”. Life here is full of learning and achievements. I’ve had the chance to make a difference by giving our customers the best-in-class solutions through digitization of their classrooms. I’ve gotten to interact with experts in various industries and it’s an enriching experience that not many people get. This also brings unique challenges but at the end of the day, it is highly rewarding. My journey here has only begun. I know that this journey will have many unique challenges, but I know that I have the support at home and at this company I have great mentors to guide me in the direction of success. I am excited to be part of an organization with an ecosystem that supports and enables me to maximize and not balance. In this journey would love to train as many persons as possible to become great sales performer

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