Lexar ARES DDR5 OC Desktop Memory

The Lexar ARES DDR5 OC Desktop Memory is designed for PC enthusiasts, gamers, over clockers while optimized on the latest Intel Core processor. The ARES DDR5 OC leverages next-gen DDR5 technology designed for the latest Intel Core processors platform and supports Intel XMP 3.0.

With speeds of 5200, the Lexar ARES DDR5 OC Desktop Memory provides more than 1.63x the bandwidth than that of DDR4. So be it for speed-demanding video games, video editing software, or intensive workloads, the Lexar ARES DDR5 OC Memory will help you to experience superior DDR5 performance.

Lexar ARES DDR5 Desktop Memory is designed with a sleek aluminum heat spreader to keep your system running cool. Built with an on-die ECC, it leverages real-time data error correction for increased stability and reliability while you push the limits. And, with built-in Power Management IC (PMIC), it provides better power control and power delivery while operating at a low voltage of 1.25V (XMP Profile), further lower your power consumption.

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