Tenda CP3 Full HD 360° AI Camera

Tenda CP3 Full HD 360° AI Camera

The new Tenda CP3 Full HD 1080p Smart AI Security Camera marks an extension of its present product portfolio and targets the SOHO category in India.

The Tenda CP3 is a highly intelligent, AI-driven security camera system that features a Full HD 1080p image sensor. It can rotate, pan and tilt to cover a total 360° in areas such as homes, small businesses, and small offices. The security camera is also equipped with a 2-way full-duplex audio communication system, apart from smart motion detection and tracking.

The Tenda CP3 can have multiple use. It’s a versatile product that can be installed in homes, offices, classrooms, shops and other small areas that need 24×7 remote surveillance.

The camera is capable of Auto Targeting and Tracking. Thanks to the inbuilt AI mechanism, CP3 can automatically track movement of everything that passes by.

The CP3 features a flashing light and a loud alarm too which kicks into action the moment there’s any type of movement in the surveillance area. The moment motion or intrusion is detected, the sound and light alarms go off, and you simultaneously receive a notification alert on your smartphone.

The Tenda CP3 is equipped with S-motion Detection. The device has a unique artificial intelligence (AI) mechanism that accurately helps to detect and identify human body shapes and movement. It detects suspicious movement automatically, triggers an alarm, and sends notifications on your mobile in real-time.

The camera has 360° coverage. With a pan/tilt design that enables flexible rotation in all directions, the Tenda CP3 covers the area 360° horizontally and 155° vertically (90° up, 65° down) leaving no blind spots.

It can also switch to Instant Privacy Mode. The moment you want it, just simply tap on the app and the camera rotates downward, allowing you full privacy.

It also provides Free Cloud Subscription to the user. Get instant access to all your recorded videos which are safely and securely stored on the cloud from any remote location. Avail a 3 month free cloud subscription on every Tenda CP3 to store 24×7 recordings on the cloud.

A smart and easy-to-use security camera, Tenda CP3 is ideal for those who look for a smart security camera system for their home or small office on a tight budget. To bridge the requirement of a Smart AI-based and affordable security camera, the CP3 is an absolute utility product, engineered to meet all Home Surveillance requirements, and we call it Guard Camera.

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